Denver Real Estate: January 2009 Numbers

I get asked often how the Denver/Boulder real estate markets are doing in comparison to the rest of the country. Short answer: Denver real estate ranks 2nd out of the top 20 cities, based off this article in the Denver Business Journal. Now, these numbers are based off existing home prices, and Denver real estate was down 2.7% in January. The drop in home prices can be associated with the raw number of bank foreclosed homes for sale. Investors are feasting on the bargain real estate in Denver, knowing this market is positioned to be a top performing market out of the recession. Interested in adding to your investment portfolio? Denver bank foreclosed homes for sale is a great way to go, utilizing my daily hotsheet will keep you ahead of the competition in a hot market. Contact me for more info and to get signed up for my daily email hotsheet.

Denver’s Economic Diversification

Denver Real Estate is usually spoken about in sub areas, such as “the highlands“, “berkeley“, “sloan’s lake” to name a few on the west side of town. On the east side, “city park“, “five points“, “cheesman park“, “capitol hill“, “congress park” to name a few. Here is a great article published over the weekend, in the Denver Post, discussing the diversification taking place in Metro Denver.

Currently, I have been working in the Denver NorthEast area of town rehabbing old turn of the century properties that have been very popular with buyers of late. The same can be said for the Denver NorthWest part of town, prices are just higher in those areas. To find out more about investing options in Metro Denver, contact me for me info.

ConocoPhillips: Louisville Colorado Renewable Energy Facility

Old article, thought it would be of interest for anyone considering buying Louisville real estate in the coming years.  Now is the time to buy before up to 7,000 new jobs come to town.  Here is the article written in the Denver Business Journal a little over a year ago.

Interested in current market conditions in and around the new ConocoPhillips plant, contact me for more info.

Brian MacMillan

My Denver/Boulder Real Estate Partners

In the Denver/Boulder real estate market, real estate brokers have to surround themselves with professional, qualified, partners in order to be successful. For me, having a solid mortgage lender to refer my clients to is priceless. A bad lender will waste everyone’s time involved, and sometimes will lead to the worst case scenario of not being able to close the loan. Having Tim Weber, M2 Lending Solutions , on my side has been a huge asset to both my business, as well my clients. He is in the trenches daily keeping up with the ever changing mortgage industry, which is a huge benefit to my clients!

Tim Weber: 720-529-1880 Ext 20

Another key partner to my business is Rick Muller, Colorado Peace Of Mind, our home inspector. Rick consistently is given praise by my clients for the high level or professionalism and attention to detail he provides. Rick also offers state of the art technology reports for my clients, allowing them to view their inspection report online. Rick’s reports and service are top notch and surpass anything I’ve seen in the past.

Rick Muller: 720-987-4658
A major issues in today’s economy is the amount of debt families have, as well not having any equity in their homes, due to declining markets. This is where Brandon Hoover, The Mortgage Solution Team at UFirst Financial, becomes a true asset. Homeowners can use Brandon’s software to gain more equity in their home, as well decrease debt owed, allowing them to free up more discretionary income. My sellers are able to net more on their homes when they sell, as well free themselves from the burden of debt. I highly recommend everyone taking a look at this program, as it is life changing.

Brandon Hoover: 720-352-2634

Last, but not least, is Clint Sales with Farmers Insurance Group. Clint is usually able to save my clients a good amount of money on the home insurance side of the transaction. Whether my clients are buying a primary residence, or investment properties, Clint’s rates and service are extremely hard to beat!

Clint Sales: 720-890-4005
These are my partners that give confidence to the clients I work with daily, as well allowing me to run a smooth, efficient business on my end. I highly recommend them and guarantee your you’ll have the same results I have–

Brian MacMillan: 720-938-4350 BrianMacMillan@Mac.Com

Bank Foreclosed Homes For Sale

Interested in bank foreclosed homes for sale?  If you’re a real estate investor in Boulder County or Denver, why wouldn’t you be?  Properties are being liquidated left and right currently, and real estate investors in metro Denver and Boulder County are reaping the rewards!  Just today I wrote an offer on a property in SouthEast Denver that will net the investor, after the remodel, a minimum of 100k net profit.  The best part about properties around metro Denver, if priced correctly, and in good physical condition, they will sell in less than 60 days!  How many other areas around the country can beat that?

Everyday, I email off a list of properties that just hit the market.  Most are bank foreclosure homes for sale, many seeing a 50-60% discount.  If these properties would be of interest to you, please contact me ASAP:

Brian MacMillan: 720-938-4350

To search Boulder County Bank Foreclosures, please feel free to search here.

Boulder: Top 5 Retirement Towns

Main Street wrote up the top five towns to retire in today, ranking Boulder, Colorado in the top five. The article discusses how retirees “don’t want to get geriatric, they want to get energetic.” Boulder has always been a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, the weather allows for all types of outdoor recreation. Main Street does discuss that Boulder has a high cost of living, but surrounding towns are affordable. These options would include Superior, Louisville, Broomfield, Longmont, and Erie. Check out what the median prices are on my map based MLS/IDX search pages.

ConocoPhillips: New Plant in Louisville, Colorado

Last year everyone was throwing around rumors who was going to buy the old Sun Microsystems, StorageTech facility along the Hwy 36 corridor. I personally heard rumors of Google for awhile, then it was released that ConocoPhillips was the new buyer and that they were going to create a training/research facility for renewable energy on the site. Initial reports of 7,000 new jobs was also released. Here is the Rocky Mountain News piece discussing more specifics, stay tuned, this is going to be headline news for awhile.

BNI Interview

In this BNI Interview, I discuss how the world’s largest referral organization, Business Networking International, has grown my business over the years.  Please also use me as a referral source when looking for any types of business associates, odds are I’ve been working with them and could easily provide you with a trusted referral.

Multiple Offers?? Thought we were in a Recession?? Real Estate Investing is the Answer

Over the past week I’ve written multiple offers for both buy and hold investors, as well fix and flip/rehab investors. We’ve got the majority of these offers accepted; however, it hasn’t been easy with multiple offers pending after just one day on the market. Currenty I am seeing out of state, as well out of country investors flocking to the Denver Metro Area. Why?? Foreign investors are loosing money with the exchange rate right now, they’d prefer to have their money in properties that cash flow. Local investors are no different, the savvy ones know the inventory of discounted properties will dry up soon.

Contact me if interested in finding out how you can add some nice residual cash flow through real estate investing within the Denver/Boulder real estate markets

Brian MacMillan