Adams County, CO: Relocation, Schools, Attractions & Real Estate Info

Adams County, the fifth most populous of Colorado’s sixty-four counties, is the home of a wide range of economic, social, industrial, and geographical climates. Even though the county is a mere 72 miles long by 17 miles wide, there’s a little something for everybody within its borders.

Overview of Adams County, Colorado

In the west, there are several urbanized cities–like Brighton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Westminster, and more–that provide a more centralized sense of community. Museums, galleries, shopping centers, theaters, and other forms of metropolitan entertainment are more easily found in this part of the county than in the others.

In the central and eastern regions of Adams County, agriculture has become the name of the game. More than three-quarters of the county’s land is used for agricultural activities. In order to provide enough irrigation to the county’s northwestern area farms, a widespread and far-reaching canal system has been put into place.

From pastures to plazas, hay to Haydn, and cattle to cathedrals, Adams County, sitting gorgeous up in the northeastern region of the state, has a great expanse of activities, sights, and culture to keep you happy and entertained for many future years.

There are a great many reasons why people move to Adams County, CO, and even more reasons why they stay. For one, the land is beyond gorgeous. People move to Colorado for the mountains–who can resist the majestic allure of the mighty Rockies?–and they stay for the sunshine. It is, after all, not very common knowledge that the state enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year, on average.

Another reason people come and stay? The schools. Adams County is the home of the Adams 12 Five Star School District, located north of Denver in the suburban neighborhoods of Broomfield, Federal Heights, Westminster, and more. These are all schools that offer unparalleled educations to children, providing many special programs like International Baccalaureate, Legacy 2000, SOAR Honors, and the popular Before and After School and Summer Enrichments (or BASE).

Yet a third reason that folks just can’t seem to get enough of Adams County is the sense of community. Living in any region of the county’s vastly versatile locations, you get the sense that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be and nowhere else you need to go. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 81% of Adams County citizens have been living in the same house for 1 year or more and the homeownership rate is at more than 69%, both of which are telling figures that are higher than the statewide average. People stay in Adams County because people love Adams County.

Adams County’s Main Attractions

When it comes to letting your hair down and finding your own particular brand of joie de vivre, there’s plenty to choose from amongst Adams County, CO’s long list of fun, exciting, and even educational diversions.

If you are thinking of making the big move to Adams County–or maybe you already have–but want to get a firsthand taste of the cultural excitement this small but beautiful corner of Colorado has to offer, check out the following suggestions.


  • Adams County Fair
  • Water World (amusement park)
  • The Bluffs (in Byers, CO)


  • Adams County Museum (in Brighton)
  • Adams County Historical Society
  • Blanche A. Wilson House (otherwise known as the Centennial House)


  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
  • Barr Lake State Park
  • Historic South Platte Trail

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