City of Lafayette Colorado: Real Estate, Relocation & Schools

Lafayette Colorado is nestled against Louisville & Boulder & next to the Rocky Mountains. Learn why Lafayette CO real estate is thriving & schools are great.

Located in Boulder County, on the high plains of the majestic Rocky Mountains and a stone’s throw away from the Mile High City, Lafayette, Colorado, is a perfect location for folks who desire a sense of community and fellowship, who love the grand vistas Mother Nature paints against the horizon, and who want to have a little taste of everything.

Whether your interests lie in arts, sports, business, or philanthropy, Lafayette provides numerous opportunities to become involved with your community. It also affords plenty of occasions for peace, quiet, and pure relaxation.

Overview of Lafayette Colorado

Like many of southeastern Colorado’s cities, Lafayette received its official boom when coal was discovered in the area, though there had been people living there for more than a decade prior. Lafayette and Mary Miller moved to the area in the 1870’s to farm land that was acquired via the Homestead Act. Coal was discovered in that particular corner of the state after Mary’s husband’s death, and she allotted 150 acres of her family’s farmland to the up-and-coming town, which she named in honor of her late beloved.

While coal remained Lafayette’s primary focus for many decades to follow, folks eventually lost interest in it during the 1950’s when natural gas became the new leader in energy. Instead of becoming a ghost town–which wasn’t necessarily uncommon–Lafayette adapted to change and switched its focus to small business, industrial firms, and manufacturing plants. Today, Lafayette is a well-beloved residential area that enjoys a wide variety of cultural diversions as well as a close proximity to Denver (a mere 6 miles away) that provides untold amounts of entertaining and educational adventures.

With gorgeous panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, a fairly low head count (estimated population is around 23,000), and a great pride within the community, Lafayette is an ideal place to live for families of all shapes and sizes.

Lafayette Colorado Activities: Arts, Recreation & Shopping

Sure Lafayette is beautiful and presents some truly stunning sights, but beyond that, what does it have to offer? The answer is simple and attractive: plenty.

For the weekend visitor or the freshly-arrived local, here’s a look at a few entertainments, events, and diversions that are bound to keep you busy whenever you feel like dipping your toe in the town’s vast waters of amusement.

  • Arts & Entertainment — The cultural fare available in the city of Lafayette, Colorado is vast, various, and aimed at all ages. From the fun of WOW! Children’s Museum to the entertaining performances at the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts to the ever popular Quaker Oats oatmeal festival, Lafayette is a veritable carnival of delights.
  • Recreation — For those who enjoy hitting the links, the Indian Peaks Golf Course simply cannot be missed. For those who prefer a bit more relaxation in their recreation, the Coldwater Creek Spa in nearby Lakewood is a destination of choice. For everyone in between, there is a great variety of other adventurous options.
  • Shopping — Lafayette itself offers plenty of fun shops to patronize, but for serious shoppers, the real joy of living in this town is its close proximity to Denver and all the amazing varieties of retail establishments found there.
  • Dining — Like those serious shoppers who find joy in the Mile High City, foodies can discover their own bliss in the capital city’s fabulous metropolitan cuisine. Lafayette restaurants also play host to excellent meals for every diner’s tastes.

If you’d like to learn more about Lafayette, Colorado real estate, or the town itself and its market updates, Brian MacMillan today.

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