Real Estate in Broomfield Colorado: Profile of Broomfield, CO

People have been steadily flocking to the real estate in Broomfield for decades. Population numbers have been on the rise with every census poll taken, and the city itself is expanding in an effort to support its ever-increasing citizenry. But the expansion is all part of the plan. The city of Broomfield, Colorado, you see, has worked out a way to optimize the adoption of its new residents. So don’t worry about there being enough room for you and your family–Broomfield has been planning the reception of you and 20,000 more folks for some time now.

Living in the City of Broomfield, Colorado

So why are people who are relocating so attracted to Broomfield? And why does Broomfield expect another 20,000 people to make their way to its neighborhoods? What is it about Broomfield real estate that’s so darned attractive?

To begin with, the views are great. Even beyond that, they are absolutely stunning. With the majesty of the Rocky Mountains on the near horizon and the Great Plains on the other side, Broomfield is a paradise for Nature lovers. And on top of the surrounding natural beauty, the good people of Broomfield have created countless trails and bike paths that wind their way around the city. And the Broomfield Open Space and Trails Division are responsible for the creation and conservation of more than 60 local parks, featuring everything from ponds and nature hikes to skate parks and tennis courts.

The realtor’s motto has long been “Location, Location, Location.” Well, with Broomfield, that motto has perhaps never been more successfully realized. With both Denver and Boulder just a short 20-minute drive away, Denver International Airport less than an hour away, and several highways and freeways within shouting distance of the city’s center, you will find yourself living in the nexus of a great crossroads–one in which whatever you’re looking for is always near at hand.

Schools are another attractive feature of Broomfield. The city boasts several elementary, middle, and high schools, along with a few private institutions, and a K-12 charter school: Front Range Academy. These are some of the finest schools in the region (Learn more about Broomfield schools)

Broomfield’s Comprehensive Plan was implemented by the local government in response to worries over a population boom, which has been building over the last few decades. This plan includes strategies for the expansion and addition of neighborhoods, schools, open spaces, utilities, parks, transportation, and even cultural diversions for when the city reaches its optimum population of 80,000 folks.

Here’s a look at Broomfield by the numbers (most of which have been gleaned from City-Data’s poll of 2009):

  • Population — 56,000
  • Men & Women — 50.2% Male, 49.8% Female
  • Median Resident Age — 33 years old
  • Median Household Income — $77,000
  • Median House or Condo Value — $265,000
  • Race Demographics — 80% White, 11% Hispanic, 5% Asian

Broomfield, Colorado Real Estate Trends

The future looks nothing but bright for real estate in Broomfield, Colorado. The city has implemented a plan to deal with a growing community, the schools are excellent, the opportunities to explore the great outdoors are phenomenal, and the location simply cannot be beat. Along with Lafayette Colorado Real Estate, Broomfield is exploding in sales and development.

Beyond these city highlights, Broomfield enjoys an incredibly healthy crime rate, far below the nation’s average. The city is committed to a community policing philosophy, in which the residents take part of the responsibility for keeping the streets clean and officers of the law take the time to get to know the people of Broomfield and offer plenty of one-on-one time, both with kids and adults.

While the sale of homes has steadily decreased over the last several years, it seems to be making a comeback. People recovering from their financial woes have found it possible to once again buy or rent new homes, and guess where many of them are headed? You bet, straight to Broomfield, Colorado.

The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average (Broomfield: 107%, U.S.: 100%), but with a strong economy riding on the shoulders of top dog industries like IBM, Oracle, Level 3 Communications, and Ball Corp, that higher cost of living can be easily balanced by decent wages from local employment.

Broomfield, Colorado, with its many different neighborhoods (learn about Broomfield restaurants in each neighborhood) has properties available for families of all sizes and economies. This is a great place to live.

If you’d like to learn more about real estate in Broomfield, or more about local investments or market updates, please contact Brian MacMillan today.

Brian is a Denver Real Estate Agent focusing on helping families find the best home for their needs along the Front Range.

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