City of Erie Colorado: Real Estate, Relocation & Schools

Erie Colorado real estate has been rising drastically & the population has skyrocketed. Learn more about Erie, CO schools, activities & real estate market.

Between the years 2000 and 2010, the population of Erie, Colorado, nearly tripled in size to 18,135 and is suspected of continued growth until it doubles again before it reaches a population plateau. What does this mean to you? It means that Erie is town with enough positive attributes that people want to join its ranks, but it will never get too big or overcrowded. In other words: Erie may just be a little slice of Colorado paradise.

Overview of Erie Colorado

Erie has been a cross roads from the beginning. In the mid 19th century, most travel within Colorado was done by stagecoach–and that travel was long. In 1871, the railroad came to Erie, Colorado, a small settlement conveniently situated near Denver and Boulder. It’s just outside of the city of Louisville, Colorado & the market has performed stronger than other towns it borders, like Lafayette Colorado Real Estate.The combination of coal mining and railroading gave rise to Erie as a place of commerce and residence, enriching the lives of those who previously had to rely on very small incomes from local farming and merchant work. Erie was officially incorporated in 1874.

The people of Erie, Colorado, range widely along the scale of age, income, family size, and interests. There’s a little something for everyone in Erie. The average home, as of real estate numbers crunched in May of 2010, can be purchased for $276,000, while the average household income is nearly $75,000 per year.

Erie, situated on the western edge of the Great Plains and the eastern side of the majestic Rocky Mountains offers a great deal of recreational activities, making it an ideal place to live for outdoor enthusiasts.

Another great thing about the town of Erie is its “green” and “eco-friendly” personality. It boasts a large trail system that intertwines throughout the town, a water-conserving irrigation system in the public parks, and a solar-powered water heating system in the Erie Community Center, to name just a few.

Erie Colorado: Arts, Shopping, Dining & Recreation

Erie, Colorado, is located in close proximity to both Denver and Boulder, giving its residents countless options for shopping, dining, performance, and recreational activities. But the town of Erie itself is also responsible for a great number of available diversions for those who live or visit there.

  • Fine Arts — For such a small town, there are a great many opportunities to experience the arts in Erie, Colorado. The Denver Opera Company is located here and so is the Arts Coalition of Erie, a collection of nearly two-thirds of the local artists who gather to organize shows, seminars, and classes in the fine arts fields.
  • Shopping — While there are no shopping malls in Erie, there are several specialty stores (like Bridgehammer Books and Home Plate sporting goods) and a shopping center called Furniture Row, dedicated to stores that provide a wide selection of upscale home furnishings.
  • Dining — Nearby Denver and Boulder offer a hugely diverse selection of eateries featuring cuisine from all over the world. Erie itself has a few options on offer, as well, with restaurants that feature Chinese, Mexican, American, Italian, and Eastern fare.
  • Recreation — There’s plenty for everyone to do in and around Erie, Colorado. For those who can’t wait until tee time, there are two fantastic golf courses in town (Colorado National Golf Course and Vista Ridge Golf Course). For the sprightlier crowd, there’s the Coal Creek Skatepark and a lot of occasions for hiking, camping, climbing, and exploring.

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