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I run a real estate practice that caters to primary residence buyers, sellers, and investors. My group utilizes the following technology, software, and tools to better serve our clients and separate us from the competition.


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Every quarter I release a map based diagram showing geographically what the price appreciation and depreciation has been over the past year for both detached single family homes, as well attached single family homes. Primary Residence Buyers love this tool as they can see what areas are appreciating in value, as well areas that are not going in the right direction.

For our investor clientele, we utilize the same map based software to analyze the fix and flip market. We are able to visually show our investors geographically how many flips were done over the past year, what the average days on market within those areas were, followed by the average gross income received per rehab in that specific area. This tool allows our investors to make educated and calculated decisions which positively affects their bottom line.


Daily Hotsheet for Boulder & Denver Real Estate

Probably the most sought after tool we offer is what I call the “daily hotsheet”.  Every day our software reviews the listings that just hit the market that day and determines a percentage under market value, as well a specific dollar amount under market value, for each listing. We bundle this info into a user friendly excel format and email our clientele the hotsheet every morning. For investors wanting to stay ahead of a very competitive investor market, this is the tool for them!

When taking time off work, I fully enjoy spending time with my wife Samantha, as well our two daughters. Activities of interest include skiing, tennis, platform tennis, golf, mountain biking, and snowmobiling.


Brian MacMillan: Boulder & Denver Real Estate Agent Resume

Miami University, Bachelor of Arts.


Investment based real estate

Areas Served
South Denver north to Longmont, west to Evergreen. I also cover Winter Park and Fraser Valley!