Cherry Creek Colorado: Shopping, Attractions & Real Estate Profile

Luxury is a word that many people use when referring to life in Cherry Creek, Colorado. Cherry Creek is the home of Denver’s most well-to-do citizens, and the real estate listings in the area are above and beyond glamorous. But it’s not all about the gorgeous Denver luxury homes–Cherry Creek is also a community that loves the arts, nature, and the well-being of its children.

An Overview of Cherry Creek Colorado

Cherry Creek is a neighborhood of folks who are fairly wealthy. The average house (usually gated) sells for $800,000, on average. Most of the people who live and thrive in Cherry Creek, either work in Denver (which is just a stone’s throw away) or no longer need to work.

The town is beautiful, with the actual creek running through the center of town, teeming with marvelous crayfish and a small population of colorful fish. There are shopping centers, residential areas, small businesses, and a number of local parks and gardens.

If you have a family, one of the best things about living in Cherry Creek is the education on offer. Recently, fourteen Cherry Creek schools were honored to receive the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award and fifteen schools were the recipients of the John Irwin Award from the Colorado Department of Education.

Living in Cherry Creek is certainly luxurious, but it’s also fulfilling. The people, the schools, the parks, and the homes attest to that fact heartily.

Cherry Creek, Colorado’s Main Attractions: Arts, Shopping & Nature

Aside from its glorious geography, stellar schools, and proximity to Denver, there are a great many things to love about Cherry Creek, Colorado.

When it comes to diversions, activities, and entertainments, you can get your fill (and then some) in Cherry Creek. If you’re unsure of what to do during your weekends or afternoons off, here are some unbeatable suggestions:


  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival — This is Colorado’s signature cultural event, taking place during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, that attracts 350,000 visitors each year. The festival celebrates visual, culinary, and performing arts in an award-winning and world-class environment.
  • Cherry Creek Theater — The company’s mission is to “enhance and enrich the vitality of the Cherry Creek community through theater & the arts” and they do so by producing a vast spectrum of plays and performances that appeal to a wide range of audience members, but also challenge and educate them.
  • Denver — Colorado’s capitol city is a cultural center filled with many opportunities to explore and participate in the arts, including live theater, dance companies, countless arts galleries, and a number of museums suited both for adults and children (the latter having many hands-on options).


  • Cherry Creek Shopping Center — This is the region’s premier shopping center, offering access to such exquisite shops as Luis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co (learn more about shopping in Denver, CO
  • Cherry Creek North — An addendum to the magnificent and luxurious Cherry Creek mall listed above, Cherry Creek North has a number of extra shops for clothing, electronics, baby gear, books, and much, much more.
  • Farmers Market — During the months of summer, the farmers market is open in the mornings, providing some of the tastiest home grown fruits, vegetables, breads, and other delectable treats, along with one-of-a-kind handmade arts and crafts.

History and Nature

  • Cherry Creek State Park — Situated around an 880-acre reservoir, the park offers a great variety of activities, such as horseback riding, model airplane flying, boating, and even a family shooting range.
  • Denver Botanic Gardens — Take a closer look at nature with the amazing and unforgettable inhabitants of Denver’s famous Botanic Gardens.
  • Molly Brown House Museum — Learn the riveting story of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, a woman who had a major role to play in the Titanic’s fateful history.

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