Cherry Creek Art Festival: Topping the Denver Art Scene

The Cherry Creek Art Festival is the best opportunity to meet & chat with artists in the Denver area. Discover the artists, the food, the scene & more!

For three fun filled days over the July 4th weekend, the streets of Cherry Creek North are teeming with the artistic creations of some of the best in their field. From prolific painters to satiric sculptures, this event provides a multifaceted show filled with spunk and spirit. Best of all, the event helps to benefit art education—-a subject known to help students excel in other academic areas.

It takes place on 2nd to 3rd Avenues, on the six streets between Clayton and Steele Streets in Cherry Creek, Colorado.

Cherry Creek Art Festival: Topping the Denver Art Scene

Cherry Creek Art Festival Offers the Best Art in Denver

2012’s festival is set to display the work of 236 exhibitors. Here is a list of a few artists to look for at this super summer event:

Nicholas Bernard — His pottery is the stuff abstract dreams are made of. Fusing vibrant colors with exotic shapes, his bowls and vases capture both a tribal and otherworldly vibe.

Marlene Rose — This goddess of glass creates pieces that enchant and calm. Whether it is an indigo shaded Buddha or a smooth slab depicting the tree of life, she always provides breathtaking pieces.

Becky and Steve Lloyd — This pottery power couple crafts delicate teapots goblets and bottles with an intricate black and white color scheme. The detail and overall effect capture a stunning aesthetic.

Juli Adams — This inventive artist paints grand oil colors that blur the lines of fantasy and reality. The doe-eyed characters, in her work, can be seen riding roosters and rabbits.

Terry Evans — A woodworker who reinvents just what it means to craft out of tree bark. Rich

The impact of the Cherry Creek Art festival stretches far beyond those three days of family fun.  This nonprofit is dedicated to promoting the arts all year long and they do so by traveling to schools to get youngsters excited about picking up a paintbrush. Their Mobile Art Gallery visits libraries, community centers, among other public venues to expose citizens to the extraordinary world of visual art. This Mobile Art Gallery allows participants to explore their own creativity and glean knowledge about the many fascinating local and international creators.

When the Cherry Creek Arts Festival isn’t being held in this area, there are still numerous outlets for entertainment. Cherry Creek North has a variety of shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries open year round for your pleasure. Plus, Cherry Creek real estate consists of beautiful works of architecture that you must check out if you’re in the area.

Beyond Art at the Cherry Creek Art Festival

Auction — Get a chance to bid on sensational pieces that are worthy of the Louvre.

Framing — Now that you have purchased a print, you want to get it ready to hang. FastFrame of Cherry Creek will be there to get your newfound treasure all decked out.

Food — The Cherry Creek Arts festival recognizes that masterpieces are not just limited to watercolors and oil paintings. The rockstars of the culinary world will be on hand serving up world-class cuisine that was hand-selected by an established jury.

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