Things To Do In Boulder Colorado: Relocation & Travel Guide

Finding things to do in Boulder, Colorado is never a difficult task. This is a city famous for its good health, high quality of life, and plentiful cultural diversions. No matter where your interests may lie in the realm of weekend or afternoon activities–from studying a painting in a gallery to scaling a bare rock cliff — you can be sure that Boulder has plenty of opportunities on offer.

Below, we’ll take a look at the top three things to do in Boulder in three different categories: arts & entertainment, shopping & dining, and recreation. These are certainly not the only exciting adventures you can take on in Boulder, but they’ll definitely give you a grand place to start.

Things to Do in Boulder: Arts & Entertainment

When it comes to live entertainment, lasting artistic expression, and the communion of friendly neighbors, Boulder is a city that utterly cannot be missed. The opportunities for both experiencing and creating art and entertainments in this town are vast and various.

  • Boulder Creek Festival — This three-day festival takes place over Memorial Day weekend and features great food, music, shopping, live entertainment, and even a rubber duck race along Boulder Creek.
  • Boulder Farmers Market — Get your fill of homegrown fruits and vegetables, locally made arts and crafts, and live music at the Farmers Market.
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival — For more than 50 years, the critically acclaimed Shakespeare festival has been bringing Boulder residents and visitors high quality theatrical productions during the summer months (Learn more about Boulder’s Art and Theater).

Things to Do in Boulder: Shopping & Dining

Boulder is a great city for eating, drinking, and buying whatever your shopping heart desires. Boulder breweries, microbreweries, restaurants, and shops are some of the best in the country, let alone the state.

  • Pearl Street Mall — Located in the heart of downtown Boulder, the Pearl Street Mall is a four-block stretch of great shops, restaurants, and cafes that will keep you happily busy for an afternoon. Or two. Or three…
  • Boulder Restaurants — Boulder is chalk-full of fantastic restaurants for folks with every taste. Whether you’re craving Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, or any other type of worldly or local cuisine, Boulder has got the goods. (For those who can’t say no to a pastry and a cup of joe, don’t miss Moe’s Broadway Bagel.)
  • Boulder Breweries — The options for Boulder microbreweries and breweries is fantastically extensive. No matter what kind of brew you’re in the mood to sample, Boulder has a pub, bar, or brewery to quench your thirst. Take a closer look at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, Avery Brewing Company, and Boulder Beer Company for a taste of greatness.

Things to Do in Boulder: Recreation

You’re never far from fun, adventure, and thrills in the great state of Colorado. And with Boulder, you’re even closer. Located in Boulder Valley, the border between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, Boulder offers countless opportunities for outdoor excitement. And with Boulder’s weather always being perfect, you can always do something outdoors!

  • Chautauqua — For over a hundred years, this site has brought folks together under a banner of excitement, adventure, and good old fashioned fun. There are rock climbing sites, gardens, picnic areas, and the occasional live performance to enjoy.
  • Boulder Creek Path — Cyclists, skaters, walkers, and joggers can get some fresh air on this gorgeous path that stretches from the eastern edge of town all the way to the mountains.
  • Boulder Falls — This isn’t really a place to hike so much as it is to enjoy a scene of absolute natural beauty. Have a picnic, talk with a friend, or simply sit quietly and take in the grandeur of Mother Nature’s perfect majesty.
  • Walk Around Campus — The University of Colorado-Boulder is beautiful and provides fantastic views of the Flatirons. Check out the red-brick architecture, Boulder’s student housing areas on The Hill and more!
  • Check Out Boulder Schools — If you’re considering relocating to Boulder, then you need to check out the schools in Boulder, Colorado

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