Experiencing Boulder Falls: A Waterfall Just Outside Boulder, CO

One of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring locations near Boulder is Boulder Falls, a natural waterfall approximately ten miles outside of Boulder, CO

Boulder Falls consists of a beautiful 0.3 mile hiking trail that takes roughly thirty minutes to travel round trip. As a result, Boulder Falls receives thousands of visitors each year. This beautiful locale is dog-friendly and perfect for families which surly makes Boulder Falls one of the best things to do while visiting Boulder, Colorado. For those looking to move to Boulder, a visit to this attraction can happen at a whim just a few miles from your driveway.

Boulder Falls: Yosemite of Boulder Canyon

Sometimes referred to as the “Yosemite of Boulder Canyon”, this waterfall and its surrounding area is full of history and natural beauty. On windy days, visitors will feel the mist of the waterfall as they journey through its gorgeous and serene hiking trail. Rock walls adorn either side of Bolder Falls which make for a popular attraction for rock climbers. Nevertheless, the trail is perfect for those less adventurous and would rather prefer a relaxing stroll through an easy trail. Visitors often report that the best time to visit Boulder Falls is during spring and summer months due to the increased volume of water at the falls.

For those wishing to relocate to Boulder, Boulder Falls is just one of the many attractions that could be near your new home. The Boulder CO Real Estate market has much to offer, and landing a home here can afford you the ability to visit this natural landscape anytime you please. If you’re considering relocating to Colorado, Boulder is just one of the best cities for both singles and families to consider. As Boulder is one of the top 5 retirement cities in the United States, Boulder is perfect for anyone who is considering a move. With attractions such as Boulder Falls nearby, taking up new residency in Boulder will prove to be a wonderful experience.

Features of Boulder Falls

  • A Short trail (0.3 miles) that leads to a gorgeous waterfall
  • Feature Show Falls  can be seen from the trail
  • Hike time will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes
  • Located approximately 10 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado
  • Elevation gain is 60 feet
  • Parking available for most vehicles
  • Overnight camping is prohibited, as well as any glass containers
  • Open from dawn to dusk between May 1 and October 31
  • Often closed during extreme winter months
  • Boundary markings for safety are located on the trail

Boulder Falls Rules and Regulations

For additional information on visiting Boulder Falls or to check if it is open during a specific time of year, it would be important to seek more information from visitor information from the state of Colorado.

For those looking to relocate and explore the many things to do around Boulder, CO, Boulder Falls should stay at the top of your list. For more information on relocating to Boulder, Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Macmillan, Boulder and Denver, Colorado’s select Real Estate agent.


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