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Lafayette home prices are rising! Learn about Lafayette, Colorado real estate options & why home prices & real estate is rising in Lafayette, CO.

The town is beautiful and offers a great variety of entertaining diversions, but what does the Lafayette, Colorado real estate atmosphere look like?

Located in Boulder County, Lafayette is an idyllic town of grand Rocky Mountain vistas, quick access to major city centers, and a community of proud and supportive residents who enjoy their home to no end. And if this sounds like a place you may want to live, know this: real estate in the area is strong, stable, and stunning.

Living in Lafayette, Colorado

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or city street explorer, Lafayette is a town that provides ample opportunity for fun, growth, and perfect peace.

Within its 9.4 square miles, Lafayette boasts 14 neighborhood parks, a top class recreational center, and easy access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. In other words, Lafayette is a nature enthusiast’s dream come true. For those whole like to stay a little closer to the marvel of concrete and man-made artistic endeavors, Lafayette has a wide range of cultural offerings and a close proximity to two great American cities: Boulder and Denver, the Mile High City.

Like most cities of its size (an estimated population of 23,000 in a recent census poll), Lafayette is divided into a number of different neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality and attractive advantages. Here’s a brief look at a few of them now:

  • Centaurus — A part of town that mostly consists of single-family homes and multi-family residences, Centaurus is probably most well-known for the high school that sits at its heart. Centaurus High School, with its expert focus on pre-engineering courses, is a fine institution to prepare kids for college and beyond.
  • Indian Peaks — A wide range of properties can be found in this neighborhood which surrounds the world-class Indian Peaks Golf Course. Families looking for great $200,000 attached homes are just as apt to find the perfect abode as those looking for more luxurious digs, priced around $2 million.
  • Waneka Lake — Hugging the beautiful body of water for which it is named, this neighborhood is a perfectly peaceful place in which to spend your days and nights.
  • White Hawk Ranch — This is a luxury community that rests against a wide open space with grand views of the Rocky Mountains and plenty of private property. Prices for homes in White Hawk Ranch have a starting point of $1 million and go up–and up and up–from there.

Lafayette Colorado Real Estate: Trends

In this day and age, realty investments aren’t always sound–and are oftentimes inadvisable or even reckless–but in Lafayette, Colorado, you can be sure that you’re almost always making the right choice. Another fantastic choice for real estate investments is in Boulder, CO Real Estate.

As communities rise and fall with the creative and destructive tides of the economy and real estate market, Lafayette remains strong, primarily because of its close proximity to such thriving metropolitan centers as Boulder and Denver, its ever-stunning Rocky Mountain views and vistas, and the presence of two powerhouse companies that won’t be folding anytime soon: IBM and Oracle/Sun Microsystems.

There are properties available in Lafayette for families of all fiscal, social, and educational varieties. In 2009, the median value of a house or condo in the city was a pretty average $242,000, the median household income was at a slightly above-average $64,000 annually, and the demographics featured a population that was moderately diverse. Folks from all walks of life are welcome in Lafayette and the chances of finding the right home within the city’s limits are very much in your favor.

As far as the future goes, everything looks bright for Lafayette, Colorado, real estate. Market updates suggest that prices won’t be plummeting or skyrocketing at any time in the near future. This is a good town, a beautiful town, and perhaps most importantly, an incredibly stable town.

If you’d like to learn more about Lafayette, Colorado, its real estate listings, or the market updates from the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Brian MacMillan today.

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