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Boulder schools are ranked the top in Colorado. Learn about the top private & public schools in Boulder, Colorado & why BVSD schools are so well respected.

Those families looking to relocate to Boulder, Colorado should take a few minutes to learn about the Boulder schools in the area. By getting some more information about the local scholastic institutions, you’ll be better able to choose the right neighborhood to buy or rent your new home, along with the best school for your kids.

Boulder, the 11th most populous city in Colorado, is a wonderland of delights in terms of recreation, shopping, dining, arts, and entertainment. But for families, one of the biggest factors in choosing a place to live is the available schooling. Unfortunately, even very nice cities can have terrible schools, making them attractive to singles or couples, but not for those with kids.

Fortunately, Boulder is not one of these cities. This is a great area with some truly great schooling options.

Boulder School Districts

While there is generally one main school district in which kids attend in Boulder, there are actually three different districts available. Most folks send their children to the Boulder Valley School District, and for good reason, too. Ranked as the 8th largest school district in the state with nearly 30,000 students enrolled, BVSD offers a wide range of schooling options for elementary, middle, and high school institutions.

The Boulder Valley School District has 29 elementary schools, 21 secondary schools, and a number of different alternative options. The schools in the BVSD consistently rank among the best in the region and the country for their scholastic excellence, educational improvement, and community ratings. Boulder High School and Fairview High School are the two largest high schools in the BVSD and the entire city of Boulder. Additionally, students from the City of Louisville Colorado can attend any school in Boulder thanks to its open enrollment.

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Aside from the BVSD there is also the St. Vrain Valley School District (or SVVSD), which services students in the Boulder County area, along with regions of Weld County. With just a couple thousand less students than the Boulder Valley School District, the SVVSD is ranked the 9th largest district in the state. Nine of the state’s Excellent-rated schools are located within the SVVSD and many of its students (nearly 50%) are enrolled in advanced courses. There are 25 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, 7 high schools, and 5 charter schools in this district.

Aside from the BVSD and the SVVSD, there is also a Boulder county school district of private institutions. This is an unofficial third district that appeals to those families with more expansive financial means. The institutions in this category offer some of the best educational programs in the state.

Schools in Boulder: The Awards

Boulder schools have won a number of awards over the years for their excellence in education, grade improvements, and infrastructure potential.

Winners of the 2011 Colorado John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award from Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain Valley School District include:

  • Bear Creek Elementary School
  • Douglass Elementary School
  • Eldorado K-8 School
  • Foothill Elementary School
  • Heatherwood Elementary School
  • High Peaks Elementary School
  • Horizons K-8 School
  • Jamestown Elementary School
  • Lyons Middle/Senior High School
  • Monarch K-8 School
  • Nevin Platt Middle School
  • Peak to Peak Charter School
  • Southern Hills Middle School
  • Summit Middle Charter School
  • Superior Elementary School
  • Twin Peaks Charter Academy

Among the other awards given to Boulder schools in recent years, the entire St. Vrain Valley School District was given a $189 million bond issue in 2008, paving the way for a brand new infrastructure, certain major repairs, and various projects for schools and administrative buildings in the district.

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