1Q13 Denver/Boulder Real Estate Market Overview

Here’s a quick summary on where the Denver/Boulder real estate market is right now:

Inventory is currently at the lowest levels they’ve been going back to 1985.

The average home in Denver has appreciated 12% since this time last yr, condos 20%!!

Interest rates are below 4% for primary residence buyers (good credit obviously), and below 5% for investors.  Cheaper to own than rent, and you’ll cash flow more on your rental properties.  Rental vacancy rates are also at record lows, meaning you can raise rents and select the best tenants.

Many deals, both investment and primary residences, are happening off-market.  Working with agents that are in the game full-time, and producing results, is necessary in my opinion for you to succeed.

As always, I’m happy to discuss anything real estate related, just ask.

Brian MacMillan

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