Denver Squares in Park Hill: Real Estate & Homes in Park Hill

Elected one of America’s Great Neighborhoods in 2008, Park Hill is a very diverse Denver neighborhood consisting of three distinct sections. Its borders include Colfax Avenue to the south, Colorado Blvd. to the west and Quebec St. to the east, while to the north it extends beyond I-70. Originally platted in 1887, Park Hill was a popular residential area and later benefited from streetcar lines for development. To this day, the neighborhood enjoys a number of parkways and boulevards, the result of the neighborhood’s founders’ desire to create a pleasant, livable locale.

In terms of real estate, Park Hill has three distinct sections: South Park Hill, North Park Hill and Northeast Park Hill. Home values and recent median list and sale prices vary widely depending on what section of the neighborhood you’re in. In South Park Hill, recent stats indicate a median sale price of approximately $374K with average home valuation right around $399K. In North Park Hill, home values average $255K, while as of August 2012, the median sale price was right at $307K. Travel to Northeast Park Hill, and the numbers dip. The value of homes in this section averages $156K, while the $125K median sale price is quite a bit lower than the other sections.

Is a Denver Square in Park Hill Right for You?

As the numbers show, there is a lot of purchase potential in Park Hill. The wide range of price points makes home ownership a possibility for a bigger group of potential buyers, too. Couple this info with historically low interest rates, and it’s prime time to buy. It might not be this affordable to borrow money in the future, so act now.

One characteristically Denver home style found in great number in this neighborhood is the Denver Square. Denver Squares in Park Hill, just like in other parts of the city, are so named for their virtually identical 4-room downstairs and 4-room upstairs. Their facades also feature a square shape, another important characteristic of the style. Often built out of brick, Denver Squares provide ample interior space, leaving out the frills in favor of functionality. Essentially, the style is Denver’s version of the Foursquare, a home commonly sold as a kit by the Sears & Roebuck Company in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Denver Squares are far less ornate than comparably sized Victorians but feature many classic decorative elements. Leaded glass windows, Classical Revival-style colonnades and terra cotta accents are but a few. Designs started simple then, as the style’s popularity grew, so too did builders expand their repertoire to create a host of different Foursquare facades.

Well-built, often with customized mantles, trim and fixtures, Denver Squares in Park Hill and elsewhere in the city sell extremely well, making them attractive investment properties.

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