January & February 2012 Louisville Market Update

Louisville Real Estate saw an increase in sales volume, as well average price and median price in Jan/Feb 2012. The number of residential homes that sold during Jan/Feb was 20, vs 18 during the same time last yr. Total sales volume increase by over 2 million, a great sign that our local market continues to move in the right direction.

If you live in Louisville, you might have just received my “Backyard” postcard in the mail. The photo on the front was taken from my own backyard in Louisville, reinforcing the fact that I am a local expert with a strong desire to keep our community appreciating in value.

The postcard mentioned above also has a very aggressive guarantee/program that I just released: I’ll sell your home in 29 Days, or I’ll sell it for FREE!  For more info on this program, please Contact Me.  The market is heating up quicker than normal this season, maybe the 80 degree March weather is responsible?  Regardless, now is a great time to sell with inventory low and a good amount of Buyers looking for Louisville housing options!

If you’re interested in Louisville Real Estate for sale, please continue to follow this blog.  I’ll have monthly market updates, community events, and local companies offering great deals.

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Brian MacMillan

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