Jobs in Denver CO: Info on Denver’s Job Market for Job Seekers

If you are considering relocating to Denver, be assured that there are jobs in Denver, CO! Learn more about the job market in Denver, Colorado here.

Throughout 2011, the unemployment rates in Colorado were consistently lower than that of the national average. The Current Population Survey cited the number of working Coloradans to be above 2.5 million at the end of 2011, with 80,931 new jobs created throughout the year. Further, the Metro Denver EDC and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce are predicting an employment growth rate of 1.1% for 2012 in Metro Denver.

Future Jobs in Denver CO: Business Growth

Forbes magazine ranked Denver ninth among the “Best Places for Business” in 2011 and business website ranked Denver 6th in there “Best Cities for Business” in 2011. These rankings were a result of a variety of factors including job growth, population growth, expense of doing business, level of education and prevalence of fortune 500 companies. Colorado is host to nine Fortune 500 companies, all of which are within commuting distance from Denver and its suburbs. Throughout 2012, Denver is expected to see a steady increase in population growth. In fact, the Metro Denver EDC and Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce forecasts that in 2012 there will be approximately 6,750 new residential units created within Denver (>learn more about the Denver Real Estate Market). This increase in population will also lead to job growth as the education, healthcare, professional business and construction industries are expected to expand.

Denver Public Jobs

The United States government is still the largest public employer of residents of Denver, Colorado. Holding almost 37,000 jobs career fields offered by the government are widely varied. The state of Colorado is the second largest public employer. State jobs include first responders, community service, data entry, forestry, engineering and numerous other fields. The third and fourth largest public employers for Denver are the University of Colorado and Denver Public Schools. With a growing population, the educational sector in expected to continue to grow, offering job positions to educators, administrators and support staff. Most public jobs offer excellent benefits to their employees including generous health benefits, vacation days and incentive programs. Additionally, individuals employed by public jobs, especially those in the academic industry, have the opportunity to pursue additional education for themselves and their families.

Denver Private Jobs

Denver’s private job offerings vary across several fields. One of the largest sectors of private employment is the healthcare industry. Several large hospitals and their healthcare networks are based in Denver, as are healthcare billing and insurance companies. As the population growth continues, so will the healthcare industry. Denver is also home to several companies in the Aerospace industry ranging from engineering to defense systems. These jobs attract the best and the brightest from around the country, strengthening the community and educational systems in the area. One notable growing industry is that of alternative energy solutions. Several solar and wind energy companies have started in the Denver area and are expected to grow significantly.

Relocating to Denver, Colorado, is an excellent option for many families. Denver has an excellent education system, strong community and a growing job market to provide security for your family. To learn more, please contact Brian MacMillian, a Denver real estate agent, who is happy to discuss finding the perfect home in Denver, Colorado.

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