JUST SOLD: Thornton Fixer Upper/Fix & Flip

JUST SOLD: 4550 E 120th Place, Thornton, CO 80241

Sold Price: $109,199

This Thornton fixer upper is a 4b/2b with a 2 car attached garage, over 2000 finished square feet.  In about 5 weeks, there will be a total transformation: new everything!  My investor clients plan to take the wall down in the kitchen to create an open floor plan, which seems to be the right formula for moving Denver area fix and flips quickly.

Speaking of properties moving quickly, the Denver and Boulder real estate market is now ranked #2 in the whole country!!  With inventory levels about 40% lower than this time last yr and under contracts about 50% higher, Sellers now have the upper hand again.  This swing actually happened about 6-9 months ago I feel, take a quick look at this article from last week published by the Denver Post.

With inventory levels super low, it is extremely difficult to compete and be successful within the Denver and Boulder Real Estate market on the Buyer side, especially investment properties.  I utilize several software programs to keep both my primary residence buyers, as well investors, ahead of the competition.  Contact Me, Brian MacMillan, for more info or for a consultation to discuss moving forward within the Denver and Boulder investment markets.

Here is a photo of the Thornton Fixer Upper (Before Pic):



One thought on “JUST SOLD: Thornton Fixer Upper/Fix & Flip

  • February 19, 2015 at 2:50 am

    I’m looking for a fixer-upper in the Denver area, probably in the North and/or West sides that can be made into a nice liveable retirement home. I’ve seen a number on HGTV, although they weren’t run down by any means, but required a decent amount of work to make them very nice, usually $80-100,000 increase in value following the renovation.

    The date of purchase would be somewhere b/t 1-3 years, but I want to find a company w/ whom I can work that is willing to spend the time it might take to find the home that would meet my wife’s and my needs.

    Generally, we’re looking for a single level, preferably a raised ranch, 3BR, 2+ B, and 2-Car Garage.

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give me.


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