Louisville MLS: Home Sales & Trends in Louisville, CO Real Estate

louisville mlsLouisville, Colorado is a suburb of Boulder with a unique distinction: it was named as the #1 spot to live in the U.S. on Money magazine’s “100 best places to live in America” list, twice over. Originally a rough and ready 19th century mining town seared by violent conflict, Louisville is now a sophisticated locale housing important high tech companies. Some of these are related to the space industry. Real estate in Louisville is a vigorous market, too – the city is a boomtown when it comes to home sales and home prices.

Though the volume of sales is fairly low given that the township only houses 18,000 people, this is a good spot to buy. The strong increases in home sales and prices is likely to continue into the future, augmenting the value of your investment as the months and years go by. With a lively local economy and ready access to Boulder, Louisville is a good place to live for the skilled and educated.

Louisville MLS Home Sales: Trends This Year

Louisville is not just America’s best place to live, it is also one of the best places to buy real estate right now, too. There are very few communities that can match its 94.1% growth in home sales, for example. Though the amount of sales is in the low hundreds rather than the thousands, the signs are unmistakable. This is a place where homes are highly desired and prices are likely to keep rising.

Home prices confirm these home sales trends, too. The median sales price in the summer of 2012 is $385,000, which is $55,000 higher than the summer of 2011. That represents a 16.8% rise in prices over just one year. Imagine how your home equity will mushroom with that kind of property value growth in the town. Even if the growth eventually slows, it will remain far above state and national averages, making your house a great investment in your future.

What Kind of Homes are Selling in Louisville?

Louisville is overwhelming a place for getting a single family home. 86.7% of the homes sold in Louisville are houses of this type. Condos make up only 8.7% of the market. If you’re looking for a condominium, you will find a better selection elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a house of your own, this is definitely a great spot to search.

2 bedroom houses are experiencing the strongest price increases, while 4+ bedroom houses show falling prices. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $237,200 in mid 2012.

The city is an attractive place to live in several other ways, too. You can feel safe walking down the sidewalk or heading to work, since violent crime is two thirds less than Colorado’s already low overall rates. All measures of income are above average for the state. Even property crimes are lower than average, including for the county itself. Louisville, in short, is a peaceful place with great potential property value increases as the region continues to grow.

Getting a Home in Louisville, Colorado

Buying a house in Louisville, Colorado is investing in one of America’s best cities – a place with forward-looking industries, low crime, and a strong housing market. If you later decide to sell your house and move on, the high property value growth means that you’ll realize plenty of profit on your expanding home equity. Moving a house should be no problem in such a desirable, high profile location, either. In the meantime, you can enjoy the mildly warm climate, the safe streets, and the many job opportunities to be found in this former mining town.

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