Best Five Schools in the Boulder Valley School District

boulder valley coloradoFinding a good place to settle down is a challenge for anyone in the home buying market, but for parents and parents-to-be, there are added challenges involved. Not only should a home be spacious enough and be close to one or several neighborhood parks, the quality of an area’s public schools will play a large role in where a family chooses to live.

Parents who find a home within the Boulder Valley School District have little to worry about. The district’s overall ratings put it in the top two public school systems in the state, and Boulder’s idyllic setting and friendly community attract top-of-the-line educators to the area.

Top 5 BVSD Schools

While all the public schools in the area receive high praise from parents and independent evaluators alike, certain schools truly stand out from the crowd. Here are five of those schools, going from elementary to high school:

Bear Creek Elementary School

This K-5 school has received numerous awards, including a Blue Ribbon and several years’ inclusion among Green Star Schools for its positive strides towards teaching reduced environmental impact. With its emphasis on getting children involved in good personal and community habits along with its promotion of academic success, it’s no wonder elementary school parents rave over Bear Creek.

Douglass Elementary School

Douglass’ focus on balancing academics with athletics and arts gives kids a rounded education that marks a refreshing change of pace from the test-taking obsession that has given children less time to explore. And yet, the school still finds itself boasting a tremendous academic success rate.

Summit Middle School

Middle school often feels like an awkward time for everyone involved, from parents to teachers and especially students. And yet, the faculty at Summit, it seems, has found a way to keep students focused enough on their studies that they consistently score well above the state average in academic proficiency. A dedicated principal who isn’t afraid to talk to the students certainly helps matters.

Fairview High School

At Fairview, academics are a central focus, as well they should be. This school is particularly strong in its advanced programs, allowing students to excel in the AP and IB programs, but also looking after students who need a little more help. The school’s formidable reputation in sports gives athletes the kind of training they will need to land college scholarships, but they had best bear in mind that they need to excel at hitting the books as well.

Boulder High School

Located downtown, this school’s academic and athletic prowess makes it stand out even among Boulder schools, but its open campus allows students to learn just enough independence and responsibility to give them an extra push. Its proximity to CU’s main campus and connections with the university are big bonuses for students who have not yet graduated but are ready for college-level work.

Any school within the Boulder Valley District will give children a solid head start in life. Parents who really want their children to shine, however, can give them an extra push by putting them in the schools widely considered to be the best of the best.

If your family has children of school age, I can help find you the ideal home in a neighborhood close to the public school of your choice.

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