Profile of Living in Golden, CO

golden colorado welcomes youWhile considered to be merely one of Denver’s westernmost suburbs, the thriving town of Golden, CO, has plenty of appeal to offer on its own. As if it’s not enough that Golden residents have the mountains quite literally in their own backyards while most Denverites merely get to look at them on a clear day, Golden also has plenty of its own small-but-not-isolated-town charm to offer those who want to settle down in the area.

But those who don’t want to be completely cut off from the hustle and bustle of regular city life can rest assured. Golden is a mere thirty minutes from downtown Denver, giving denizens plenty of opportunities for work and play.

It’s a similar distance from Boulder, allowing those who appreciate that city’s delightfully offbeat lifestyle to take part every so often.

Why Live in Golden, Colorado

Golden, however, has its own unique set of advantages that are readily accessible to people who want to stay in town for the night or weekend. Its downtown area, while smaller than Denver’s or Boulder’s, often has a more relaxed, welcoming feel to it, and the quality of restaurants in that area matches or even sometimes outpaces that of its urban neighbors.

Those who associate the town with the Coors Brewing Co. will certainly have a ready supply of the famous beer on supply, but beer aficionados with open minds and open taste buds can find more than a few microbreweries within or close to town. Some, such as the Golden City Brewery, can prove to be a more popular tourist and local destination than the bigger brewery on weekends.

But of course, one cannot live on bread and beer alone, and locals wanting other forms of entertainment will find them easy to come by. The town is but a short distance away from the Colorado Mills shopping center if you want to keep up on the latest fashions, and it is part of Jefferson County, which maintains an extensive network of trails and open space recreational areas. The backcountry can be just a short walk away in Golden.

The Outdoors

Naturally, powder enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, and general mountain lovers of all stripes and abilities will be thrilled with the area’s short distance to the high country. That the mountains themselves serve as the town’s western edge will please outdoor sportspeople who want to get a good head start on Denver’s weekend traffic into the mountains and want to avoid traffic jams coming back into the city.

For all Golden has to offer, homes in town are surprisingly well-priced. Asking prices on homes that are both modern and well-built won’t cause sticker shock, and will allow young professionals and families alike a chance to get the best of everything.

Amazing scenery, laid-back neighbors, and close proximity to two large cities: Golden certainly has plenty of enticements to offer potential homeowners. If you’re interested in an affordable location that can appeal to a wide range of interests, you need look no further.

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