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Living in the mountains takes a certain kind of individual. I must take my hat off to them (and be slightly jealous) of the lifestyle they live. For all us in the flat lands that want to live vicariously through those living in the mountains, I’ve created a list of my favorite, most informative mountain living blogs.

The order below is not in any particular order. I believe all are great blogs that represent living in the mountains.

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1. Ski With Jay – Jay Palace is a level two PSIA instructor teaching skiers in Lake Tahoe. His blog is dedicated to sharing tips and hints related to enjoying the skiing experience as a family.

2. Mountain Khakis – Mountain Khakis is a brand of outdoor-gear, and the ambassadors on the website post about their adventures often. In addition to exciting stories, readers will be treated to sales and promotions daily.

3. Love Living in Colorado – Love living in Colorado, written by a Colordo-transplant and her husband, is perfect for anyone looking for adventure in the area. It covers everything from local eats to mountain adventures.

4. Mountain Life News – With a few different contributors Mountain Life News offers updates and happenings in the Blue Ridge area of Georgia. For people planning on staying in the area, the blog can serve as a travel guide.

5. Colorado Farm Life – Linda blogs about everyday life on her Colorado farm to give people an idea of what it’s like. She also shares stories about her two farm dogs, Boomer and Fuzzy.

6. Living Colorado Springs – Living Colorado Springs is written by Rick Van Wieren, a Real Estate agent in the area. He posts about housing trends and opportunities in what he calls the best place to live in America.

7. Our Colorado Blog – Our Colorado Blog is focused on sustainability and nature in Colorado. With the environment in mind, each post is aimed at teaching readers more about Colorado as a natural treasure.

8. Mountain Life in Colorado – Though the entire focus of this blog Is not about living in Colorado, this one is written by someone living there, so posts about skiing and hiking in the area come up often.

9. Bonjour Colorado – Bonjour Colorado chronicles the life and adventures of Maribeth, who moved to Telluride from her apartment in Paris nine years ago. She covers travel, beauty, shopping wine, food and more.

10. Blue Ridge Impressions – Blue Ridge Impressions is a striking photo blog that gives visitors an unparalleled impression of the Blue Ridge area in North Carolina. It allows people to see everything from the foliage to the local architecture.

11. Mountain Living Is For Me – This blog is mainly photo-based, but the author does share personal stories occasionally. The photos capture the life, family, hobbies and surroundings of the author in Darrington, Washington.

12. Spring Mountain Living – The authors of Spring Mountain Living created the blog as resource for people looking to live a similar health-minded lifestyle. They offer recipes, tutorials, craft ideas and articles for mountain living.

13. Female Ski Bum – Just like it sounds, Merisa Sherman documents her skiing adventures in her blog Female Ski Bum. She posts photos from her ski trips and offers advice for skiers at every level.

14. Ski Bum Poet – Ski Bum Poet is the lifestyle diary of powder skier Gary Marcoccia. He documents musings and rants about Utah skiing in the hopes of inspiring and connecting with fellow ski bums.

15. Middle Aged Ski Bum – Middle Aged Ski Bum is dedicated to encouraging readers to get off the couch and live life by offering news, reviews, interviews, and expert advice about travel and adventure.

16. Mountains and Water – Peter Beal, author of Mountains and Water, is a long time climber, writer, boulderer, artist and teacher. On his blog, he posts about what nature means to him.

17. Adirondack Lifestyle – This is a lifestyle and culture blog about the Adirondack area in New York State. Since 2006, the author has been sharing her ravings about the area for people interested in the same lifestyle.

18. The Cove at Celo Mountain – Amber Deen updates her blog The Cove at Celo Mountain to give readers an idea of what’s going on in the area. It’s perfect for anyone looking to move to Asheville NC.

19. Wyo Lifestyle – Wyo Lifestyle is the blog for Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine. On it, readers can find valuable information about the area for travel, recreation, sport, leisure, real estate and weddings.

20. Colorado Lifestyle – Sylvia Murphy is an oceanographer, army officer and foodie that would rather be moving than sitting. Her blog, Colorado Lifestyle provides readers with information about snowshoeing, hiking and eating in Colorado.

21. RMKK Companion – Marlene Crusta believes life is an adventure, and she shares that adventure with readers on her blog, RMKK Companion. She posts stories and photos from her life on the edge of Montana wilderness.

22. Nature Blog by Chas Clifton – With a southern Rockies perspective, Chas Clifton posts about everything from nature to culture. He shares stories from his life that often include his dogs and environmental news.

23. Lone Tree Avalanche – The author of this blog says that his job is your vacation, and he shared every bit. He works as Ski Patrol s in Park City Utah, so skiing daily is in his job description.

24. Mountain Living Blog – The Mountain Living Blog is an offshoot of Mountain Living Magazine. Readers can find stories and articles related to published pieces in the magazine, plus photos of beautiful homes and d├ęcor in mountainous regions.

25. Beech Mountain Blog – Beech Mountain in North Carolina is one of the highest peaks in the Eastern United States, and this blog is dedicated to sharing stories and news about the local town and surrounding area.

26. Hip Mountain Mama – The Hip Mountain Mama blog features tips, facts and encouragement for people trying to live green from a family doing it themselves. It also offers information about Hip Mountain Mama products.

27. Appalachian Living – Becky Rogers was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville NC. She posts on her blog in hopes of teaching others about living a healthy and sustainable life in the area.

28. Homespun in KY – Homespun in KY is written by Lisa Bicknell who is living in the Appalachia area of Kentucky. She posts about family, food, faith and farm as a reflection on living life humbly.

29. Our Appalachia – The western region of Appalachia won the hearts of Tim and Beth when they moved there, and their blog is dedicated to sharing stories about their family, friends and outdoor living in the area.

30. High Altitude Bakes – Chef Megan has gained recognition in Colorado since 2009, and it’s no wonder. On her blog, she features delicious recipes and firmly believes that it’s possible to bake good food at altitude.

31. Mountain Mama Cooks – Mountain Mama Cooks is a blog written by a personal chef and mother of two. On her site, readers can find recipes for high altitudes and stories from outside the kitchen.

32. Mountain Mama Jenny – Jenny is a deaf wife and mother living in West Virginia. Her blog is dedicated to writing about whatever strikes her fancy, whether it’s her kids or a kitchen creation.

33. – Mountain Mama offers stylish and functional clothing for women who like to play outdoors. The blog features product news and updates for all clothing designed for the wilderness.

34. Tales of a Mountain Mama – Tales of a Mountain Mama is written by a woman living a healtyh lifestyle with her family. She writes trail reports, recipes product reviews and news aimed at helping other families live the same way.

35. Adventure Parents – This blog features funny stories, exciting photos and general tidbits about the love-hate adventure that comes along with taking the whole family on trips into the great outdoors.

36. Adventure Tykes – Written by a mother, wife, runner, outdoor-lover and amateur chef, Adventure Tykes is a blog for mothers seeking inspiration to get back into the great outdoors for big adventures with brave little tykes.

37. Cragmama – Cragmama is an online resource for nature enthusiasts that won’t let starting a family get in the way of outdoor adventures. Erica Lineberry writes about her experiences as a climber and mother.

38. Rockies Family Adventures – This blog chronicles the joys and challenges of taking the on the great outdoors as a family. Tanya Koob shares stories about taking her own child hiking, skiing, and exploring in the Canadian Rockies.

39. Outside Mom – Outside Mom is written by environmental educator Lindsey. She updates the blog to show people the importance of being engaged in your child’s life as well as being engaged with nature.

40. The Outdoor Child – Christina and Jason are a husband and wife living an adventurous lifestyle with their two children. With their blog, they hope to inspire families to step back from their busy lives and appreciate nature.

41. Musings of a Mountain Mama – Musings of a Mountain Mama is a blog written by the mother of a truly sustainable family. She features stories about her life in a tiny cottage in the mountains of West Virginia.

42. Rock Grrl – Eileen, aka “rockgrrl”, started her blog in 2002 as a way to share her personal climbing adventures. She writes stories about many climbs and accomplishments as well as gear and product reviews.

43. Colorado Mountain Mom – Colorado Mountain Mom features a wide variety of topics based on the life and times of a family in Colorado. Readers can find gear reviews, travel information and family advice.

44. Brave Ski Mom – Brave Ski Mom is a blog mainly focused on information for skiing families, but the author often includes valuable information about good parenting and other types of outdoor sports.

45. Burlington Vt Moms Blog – Burlington VT Moms Blog offers daily, collaborative posts about things to do around Burlington, ways to get involved with the community, parenting advice, local business spotlights, giveaways and more.

46. Hullabaloo Homestead – Hullabaloo Homestead chronicles the adventures of a family of seven living on a four-acre homestead in North Eastern Pennsylvania. They grow their own food, live sustainably and blog about every moment.

47. Mommy’s Magical Mountain – Mommy’s Magical Mountain is a blog about the five-year gardening plan of mother and wife Jennifer. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and she focuses on growing her own food.

48. Aspen Real Life – For those interested in what’s going on in Aspen, this blog is the perfect resource. A team of writers from all demographics works to bring the best happenings in the area to on place on Real Life Aspen.

49. Mountain Kait – “Mountain Kait” moved from Rhode Island to Colorado to teach and explore the great outdoors. On her blog, she shares her secrets for staying fit and healthy with an active, low-stress lifestyle.

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    What a smart idea.

    Clearly you have your finger on the pulse for you have listed many of my favorite blogs, as well as our own.

    Thank you for including us!!

    • November 15, 2012 at 8:58 pm

      Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  • November 16, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Thanks Brian for including High Altitude Bakes in your list!

    • November 16, 2012 at 6:10 pm

      My pleasure! Keep up the great work!

  • May 7, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Thanks for noticing This Mountain Life. It was a quite a surprise to see the place I share mountain tips with parents and ski school students on your list, and so near the top. Happy skiing!

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