Buying Real Estate Near Douglass Elementary School

douglass-elementaryPeople looking to buy real estate have so many factors to consider: whether to buy a house, townhouse, or condo; what kind of parks are in an area; what the commute to work will be like. Those with children or those planning to have children have a whole different element to consider: what are the schools like in an area?

For some parents, concern over their children’s academic prospects is a defining factor in the search for a home. Many families as well as couples planning to expand theirs start by examining school districts in a prospective area, then narrowing their search down to homes around specific schools.

Why Buy a Home Near Douglass Elementary School

Parents looking to live in Boulder can hardly do better than to look in the area around Douglass Elementary School. Rated as one of the best schools in a highly-rated district by parents, faculty, students, and independent assessments alike, putting your child in Douglass gives them a solid head start on an academic as well as athletic front.

But what is it like to live in the area situated around Douglass Elementary? As with most other locations in Boulder County, parents can be assured that their children will have plenty to do both inside and out of school. Numerous green spaces surround the school grounds, and nearby Baseline Reservoir provides any number of recreation opportunities for families.

Parents can also be assured that they can easily reach downtown via Baseline Road while also being far enough from the traffic associated with businesses and CU’s main campus that they will have a quiet place to relax with the children after work.

Real Estate & Home Sales Near Douglass Elementary

This peace and quiet without complete isolation does come at a price: median for-sale prices in the area are in the mid-$400,000 range, and prices can be higher if one chooses to have one of those expansive green spaces as part of the backyard.

The spaciousness and high quality of life have residents interested in making a long-term investment, however. A large quantity of ranch homes dominate neighborhood landscapes, but they are often airy and ample with plenty of storage space in the attached garages.

Families who need extra room will also give happy visits to the two-level homes that populate the area. Sturdy and functional, these cleanly designed homes are low maintenance enough to let you enjoy Boulder’s natural beauty with your children during your weekends and holidays.

This is, of course, once your children have finished their homework and commitments to sports teams and clubs. After all, Douglass Elementary will push your kids to excel at both their schoolwork as well as their extracurriculars, so it will also be easy to enjoy some adults-only time at one of Boulder’s state parks or in the cafes downtown.

Buying a home near Douglass Elementary may be a big investment, but it is one that will have large payoffs for your children’s futures as well as your own enjoyment and peace of mind.

If you’re considering buying a home in this area, I can help you find a great deal on a home that will be perfect for your family.

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