Best Solar Companies in Boulder, CO

Colorado is becoming an increasingly “green” area of the country. More and more developers are looking to create homes, businesses and environments that are sustainable and work with the natural world rather than against it.

One of the ways this is manifesting is through solar technology. And Boulder, Colorado is at the forefront of this movement.

Top 10 Solar Companies in Boulder

All of these companies install, service and provide support for state-of-the-art solar energy systems, which use light and heat from the sun to produce electricity.

  1. Independent Power Systems has been working in the Rocky Mountain area since 1996, and services everything from large commercial buildings to home systems.
  2. The owner of Namaste Solar founded the company in 2004 after working in Nepal for three years on solar energy. Namaste Solar offers services to both commercial buildings and residential homes.
  3. Simple Solar has been working with Colorado residents in the Front Range since 1998, and works with both commercial and residential properties.
  4. Adobe Solar works with both home owners and business owners. The company primarily service Boulder and Denver. The main goal of the company is to design systems that are maintenance-free. Contact Adobe Solar for a free site evaluation.
  5. Bella Energy works exclusively with commercial buildings. The company provides services all over the country, including Boulder. One of their Colorado clients includes the Colorado Army National Guard Readiness Center.
  6. Lighthouse Solar is a newer company, opening in 2006. The company offers a lifetime workmanship warranty, system performance guarantee and price match guarantee.
  7. Solsorce installs solar electric and thermal systems on homes, commercial buildings, schools and government buildings throughout Colorado.
  8. Golden Solar offers a one-stop-shop for all things solar, including onsite evaluation, system design and installation. They’ll also work with you and the appropriate agencies to make sure you receive rebates for your solar panels.
  9. Real Good Solar has been in operation since 1978, leading the sustainable living market. The company has seven offices throughout Colorado and California.
  10. Martifer Solar USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Martifer Solar SA, a Portugal-based solar manufacturer and installation company that has offices in 15 countries. While their local office is in Denver, they service the Boulder area as well.

Looking for a Home With Solar Technology?

If you are looking for a home in Boulder or one of the nearby cities that already has solar and green technologies incorporated into its building, as a Denver/Boulder real estate agent, I can help you find the best one for you. Please contact me to learn more about properties currently on the market.

If you’re looking for a home that could easily incorporate solar and green technologies into its structure, I can help youlookfor homes ideal for solar integration as well.

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