Boulder CO Brewpubs – If You Love Beer, You Gotta Move to Boulder

Colorado is famous for its microbreweries and corporate breweries alike.

Adolph Coors started Coors right here in Golden, CO., in 1873.

He had immigrated to the United States from Germany years earlier and was working his way from the East Coast inland when he saw the Rocky Mountains, and he knew he was home.

Once Coors reached the front range, he went in search for the best water to begin a new brewing venture and landed at the springs in Golden, about half an hour south of Boulder.

The late 1800s saw the beginning of what would become a state-wide love affair for beer.

Nowadays there are microbreweries and brewpubs all over the state, but Boulder can boast some of the best around!

The Best of the Best of Boulder Brewpubs

It’s hard too hard to rank all the Boulder brewpubs. But we can give you an idea of some of the best in town, and then you’ll have to just go and try them out for yourself to truly become a Boulder brewpub connoisseur.

  • Mountain Sun is the sister restaurant to Vine Street Pub in Denver. Mountain Sun is a restaurant, pub and brewery. There’s a huge selection of brews that are always on tap in addition to weekly specials. Since they don’t bottle their beer, it’s always as fresh as can be. You can take home what they call a Growler — a mason jar full of beer — but you have to drink it that day or it’ll lose its punch.Check out Stout Month in February and keep an eye out for their weekly events.

  • Southern Sun is the third brewpub/restaurant to the trio of Vine Street and Mountain Sun. This one is located right on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. So be sure to check it out as well
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  • Boulder Beer is a special treat. This was Colorado’s first ever microbrewery! Big shoes to fill, but Boulder Beer does it.They have at least a dozen beers on tap at any time, and if you’re lucky you may just come across one of their special brews. Occasionally Boulder Beer will snag an old whiskey barrel to age a special brew, so keep an eye out. If you’re new to Boulder (or to Boulder Beer), you can take a free brewery tour Monday through Friday at 2pm. It’s well worth it because the end of the tour ends with free samples of Boulder Beer.

  • Walnut Brewery boasts being Boulder’s first brewpub. You can try delicious brews, such as Buffalo Gold, Indian Peaks Pale Ale, Old Elk Brown Ale, and many others.Walnut Brewery really lives up to the brewpub model and provides a community space for all types of beer lovers.

  • Avery Brewingis truly creative brewpub. They brew what they love, and that’s it. So hopefully your taste buds match their brewers’.Avery Brewing has at least 20 brews at any time to chose from, so it’s likely you’ll find something you love. For a more adventurous experience, check out Avery Brewing.

Is That All?

Nope! But we don’t want to spoil all of your fun.

Check out Boulder for yourself. Find your favorite brewpub… it may just determine where you want to live.

Whether you’re a lifelong Coloradoan or thinking about moving to the state, if the craft beer community is where you belong, then Boulder is where you belong.

Do You Wish You Could Walk to Your Favorite Brewpub?

That seems to be a common dream…one that I can help make come true. As a Boulder and Denver real estate agent, I know the area like the back of my hand.

Tell me your vision, and I’ll find it for you in Boulder!

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