Best Denver Microbreweries: A Benefit of Living in Denver, CO

Coloradoans are a unique breed when it comes to their brews. We don’t just drink beer here. We craft it, we talk about it, we compare it – we live our lives around the beers we love.

If you’re considering moving in Denver, whether you’re simply starting out in a new neighborhood or entering the city for the first time, the local brewpub may seriously sway that decision.

So, Where Are the Best Microbreweries in Denver?

And not just microbreweries, but brewpubs, too. Where can you go out for the best craft beer to quench your thirst in Denver? That’s one of the questions on many Coloradoans’ minds.

So let’s try to answer that question.

  • Flying Dog Brewery – Flying Dog is a beer in remembrance of extraordinary courage and climbing, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman. Founded in Aspen, CO, Flying Dog has a brewery right in the center of Denver for all of its city lovers.
    The brewery and pub were founded after it George Stranahan and his crew of “innocents” set off to summit K2, the second highest mountain in the world. When they returned (an accomplishment few can boast) they said the greatest disaster they faced on the journey was running out of booze.

    As they sat Pakistan, exhausted and in a sober state of mind, their gazes landed on an oil painting of a dog that seemed to have left the ground – the flying dog.

    Their neighbor in Aspen, Hunter S. Thompson, wrote “Ale According to Hunter” to celebrate the launch of Road Dog and introduced George to Ralph Steadman, the designer of Flying Dog labels.

  • The Great Divide – The Great Divide is a creation of passion. Its founder, Brian Dunn, spent years traveling the world helping to build farms overseas.
    When he returned to Colorado, he did so with greatly expanded knowledge of the art and appreciation of food and drink.From small beginnings to one of the most awarded breweries, The Great Divide has continued to grow from its original one-man operation.
    Today, the brewery can boast 17 Great American Beer Festival medals, 5 World Beer Cup awards, 7th in the Beer Advocate’s 2010 All-Time Top Brewers contest and 14th in’s 2012 Best Brewers in the World competition.

  • Vine Street Pub – Vine Street is a restaurant, bar and brewery. The sister restaurant to Mountain Sun in Boulder, Vine Street brews all of its own beers – because who wants to serve someone else’s beer when you can make your own here in Colorado.
    There’s a wide selection of brews that are always on tap, but almost every week the brewpub has a specialty beer that you have to be quick to try.
    Sometimes their regulars can dry up the kegs in less than two days! And since the restaurant doesn’t bottle its beer, you get the freshest beer out there at Vine Street.

So, the final point here: If you’re looking for a beer with a story, a history, a life you’ve come to the right place.

Want to Keep Exploring?

If you’re from Colorado, I guarantee we haven’t hit all the microbrews you know of. If you’re not from Colorado, get ready to expand your beer palate!

Here are some more microbreweries and brewpubs in Denver that you’ve got to check out:

  • Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
  • Denver ChopHouse & Brewery
  • Breckenridge Brewery
  • And don’t forget, Colorado is the home of Coors (in Goldon, CO, not Denver). I know we’ve all had it, and it’s nothing new, but try their Colorado Native. If you’re new to Denver, I promise you’ve never had it, and you’ll love it.

Are You Loving all the Craft Brews?

Make them a part of your life! In Colorado, we all know it’s not about the alcohol, it’s about the art form and community that builds around a good craft brew. If you’re ready to join this community, I can help get you set up here in Denver.

As a Denver/Boulder real estate agent, I can help you find the best home in the best location for you closest to your favorite brewpub!

Contact me today to start looking for your new home within your favorite brew community.

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