Bungalows in Denver, Colorado: Real Estate & Home Values

Bungalows in Denver run the gamut from the original California style to other variations such as the Cape Cod and Tudor. The home style offers much to the discerning buyer, not least of all its vintage character and simple charm. Another thing to consider right now: bungalows are moving fast. So act now to get while the getting’s good.

With interest rates hovering in the 3.5% range, early 20th-century bungalows in and around Denver are selling like hotcakes, in some cases in half the average day-on-market number. Prices vary widely based on home size, style, condition and neighborhood. The average listing price for homes in Denver sits at roughly $432K for September 2012, while the average sale prices is $240K. Bungalows are numerous, so you’re bound to find opportunities for purchase at all price points.

Is a Denver Bungalow Right For You?

Bungalow-style homes present an attractive picture for prospective buyers…and eventual sellers, if you’re looking for investment properties. A product of the Arts & Crafts movement in America, bungalows became extremely popular in the early 20th century. Among other characteristics, their clean, classic lines, low-pitched roofs, large front porches and open, accessible interior space stood in stark contrast to the ornamental Victorian style of the late 19th century.

In terms of aesthetic charm and salability, bungalows are hard to beat for the price. Their interiors typically feature handcrafted wood—commonly oak and dark in tone. Casement windows help to open up the inside, and while bungalows are usually smaller, their design relies upon built-ins to maximize space and give each home a unique charm. It’s not uncommon to find built-in bookshelves, cabinets, seating areas and sideboards inside a Denver bungalow.

How does this affect you, the prospective buyer? Two reasons spring to mind: livability and resale potential. Houses built in the bungalow style were made well which has helped their popularity last through the decades. One of the hallmarks of the architectural style is its easy access to the outside, whether it’s a porch, garden or lawn. Their smaller stature makes them easy to keep up, and they’re blessed with a unique charm that is quaint and cozy without being outmoded.

Secondly, bungalows in Denver are infinitely resalable. As mentioned earlier, depending on the home’s price and location, they’re being scooped up at a rate twice as fast as the national average. It’s no secret that it’s a great time to buy, what with interest rates so low. Maybe your plan is to buy now, renovate and resell at some point in the near future. With a bungalow in one of Denver’s neighborhoods—Congress Park or Park Hill, perhaps—you’ll see a return sooner than later.

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