Bungalows in Park Hill: Real Estate & Home Values

With its smart mix of bungalows and Denver squares, the Park Hill neighborhood in the city’s northeast makes a great landing spot for prospective homeowners looking to settle in. A progressive, liberal-minded area, Park Hill hasn’t lost its historic look and feel, but it’s in no way old fashioned. If you’re looking for a 1- to 1.5-story home in the neighborhood, a bungalow in Park Hill is the way to go.

The median sale price for homes in this neighborhood is right about $343K, but that figure varies depending on where exactly you’re looking. For the period of June through August 2012, the average listing price in South Park Hill was $430K, $278K in North Park Hill and $146K in Northeast Park Hill. Wherever you’re looking in the area, now is the time to take advantage of the historically low interest rates. Securing a mortgage in the 3.5% range is practically unheard of, but don’t wait too long—it can’t last forever.

Is a Park Hill Bungalow Right For You?

Like all bungalows, homes in this style incorporate simplicity as their main design principle: simple lines and simple layouts. That’s not to say the design wants for anything, though. Quite the opposite. Bungalows in Park Hill feature self-sustaining charm, and they hold onto their value—a big plus for those looking to flip homes when the time to sell is right.

Gable roofs with a low pitch and overhanging eaves, big front porches that add living space to the home and a front door that opens into the living room are but a few characteristics of this style. Interior layouts are intentionally simple, with more emphasis on openness, livability and maximization of space. You won’t find any long, circuitous hallways or dark, brooding corners. Bungalows were built to be light and open, just like the expectations of the growing middle class of the early 20th century.

In some parts of Park Hill you’ll find a preponderance of classic California bungalows—the flagship design. Variations include Tudor, Cape Cod and Mission styles. All do extremely well on the resale market, making them an excellent choice for homebuyers looking to make a profit. Whether the home is ready to sell immediately or requires major renovation, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Park Hill is a great neighborhood to live, too, if your aim is to find a single-family dwelling. Prices are affordable and interest rates are too low to pass up right now. Very diverse in terms of price point, size and style, it’s a great time for buyers looking to land the house of their dreams. And if investment is your goal, bungalows in Park Hill offer plenty of upward mobility as far as value is concerned.

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