Bungalows in Mayfair: Real Estate & Home Values

The Mayfair and Montclair neighborhoods of Denver kind of go hand in hand. Not only do they border each other, but they feature more or less a continuum of classic home styles. Among the original suburbs of the now metropolis, Mayfair first featured an impressive array of Queen Anne and Victorian-style homes built upon large lots. With the 20th century came the bungalows and related styles such as the Tudor. Bungalows in Mayfair, then, are but one charming aspect of a truly original Denver neighborhood.

For the year leading up to August 2012, the average sale price in Denver Mayfair was roughly $330K, down from the average listed price of $348. Home prices have also risen steadily over the same time period. Additionally, over the last decade and a half, Mayfair home values have risen at one of the highest rates in the city. These facts, coupled with the neighborhood’s rich history and unique style, make it an attractive area of interest for potential homebuyers.

Is a Mayfair Bungalow Right For You?

In sharp contrast to the Victorian and Queen Anne homes that dot the area—not to mention the ranch-style abodes from mid-20th century onward, bungalows possess simple, natural appeal. Unadorned lines and basic layouts are among the hallmarks of the style. Bungalows typically feature low-pitched gable roofs with broad eaves and large porches intended almost as an additional room. Their exteriors are often bricked, while their interiors are richly wrought in handcrafted wood. Built-in shelves, cabinets and seating areas are common as well.

When first built in the early 20th century, bungalows appealed to the growing middle-class sensibilities of refined simplicity and classic charm. As opposed to the dauntingly ornate Victorian designs, bungalows were refreshing and progressive, much like the middle class values of that era.

From a homebuyer’s standpoint—whether someone looking to own and dwell or invest in a property—bungalows in Mayfair are great options. Not only do they have the timeless charm that always seems contemporary—charm other home styles may lack—but they maintain their value exceptionally well and do great on the resale market.

Right now is the right time to get in the market, too. With interest rates so low—holding their clip at about 3.5%—borrowing money is less expensive. Home prices in Mayfair and other areas of Denver are on the rise, so your money will be well spent. If you’re looking to invest, purchasing a bungalow in the Mayfair neighborhood will almost certainly provide a return.

In terms of aesthetic quality, availability and benefits to ownership, bungalows in Mayfair make total sense for the discerning buyer. Inventories typically go down in the summer, but now that it’s autumn, expect a rise in homes available for sale.

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