Bungalows in Platt Park: Real Estate & Home Values

Bungalows in Platt Park, Denver are but one style to choose from in the neighborhood, but an enticing one at that. Tucked in among Denver Squares, Victorians, new construction and a few old fashioned farm houses, Platt Park bungalows bring a sense of early 20th-century historic appeal to this popular neighborhood.

Homes in the Platt Park neighborhood of Denver feature listings that are, on average, about $25K less than in nearby Congress Park. Average sale prices are roughly $30K less, too, at $372K. This, of course, includes all home styles, not just bungalows, but it gives you an idea of what you can expect. Interestingly, the average sales price increased over 8% from 2011, whereas it went down in Congress Park.

Is a Platt Park Bungalow Right For You?

In terms of neighborhood amenities, Platt Park offers close proximity to Denver’s city center, its southern suburbs and the University of Denver. The light rail system has also helped the area develop in positive ways. The neighborhood is home to great restaurants, boutiques and other specialty concerns which help make it appealing in a community sense.

One- and 1.5-story bungalows in Platt Park are familiar sights. Renowned for their livability, classic charm and growing value, bungalows first started springing up here and in other areas of Denver around the 1920s. Characteristics include gable roofs, large porches, casement windows and open, accessible living spaces. Interior rooms flow effortlessly into one another, with built-in shelves and sideboards to maximize space and add aesthetic quality. Two to 4-bedroom bungalows are common, with only minimal space devoted to hallways and other closed-off areas. Light and bright—that’s a bungalow.

The charm of the home style speaks for itself, but another thing to remember is that bungalows almost always fare well on the resale market. In short, it’s a home style that’s in demand, especially when the neighborhood is in demand as well. The homes hold onto their value and add to it as the surrounding area grows and prospers. Buying in a neighborhood like Platt Park makes sense, especially for new homebuyers, because it’s more affordable than adjacent areas. But you should also expect the home’s value to rise in the future.

Buying for investment purposes is another option people with the equity might entertain. Now is as good a time as any to do it, too. With interest rates holding steady at around 3.5%, it’s never been cheaper to borrow money. While the boom days of the early 2000s haven’t (and might never) return, there is still plenty of opportunity to buy low and sell high, and a place like Platt Park in Denver is a great locale to do it.

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