Old Town Louisville: Real Estate Guide

old louisville innConsistently found on “best places to live in the U.S.” lists, Old Town Louisville is charming, affordable, convenient & a paradise for the outdoorsy.

Louisville, Colorado, is a fantastic town, just ask CNN Money–they named it the number one best place to live in the country in 2011.

Old Town Louisville represents the historical heart of the city, offering plenty to learn from in the way of museums, historical markers, and antique charm.

If you’d like to live in one of the best places in the entirety of the United States, think about making your way to Old Town Louisville.

Old Town Louisville Overview

So why is Louisville such a great place to live?

For one, employment is sky high, with opportunities in technology, aerospace, telecom, and alternative energy. For another thing, the crime rate is among the lowest in the entire state. In Louisville, there is no limit to the outdoor activities open to you–hiking, biking, jogging, climbing, fishing, and nearly anything you can think of is available for lovers of the outdoors.

And the best part? Old town.

Old Town Louisville is an exceptionally charming neighborhood. This is where the city laid its roots over 100 years ago. There are old mines and taverns that are as kitschy as they are genuinely wonderful. A lot of old mining cabins are being renovated today, too, making an eclectic collection of homes available to new residents.

Market Trends in Old Town Louisville

Compared to the Boulder and Denver areas, Louisville is a rather affordable place to live. The median sales price for a house during the last quarter was $417,000 and the average listing price was $451,000. This shows that the mobility of the price range is fairly average, and can move south a good deal.

As of right now, everything about the value of Old Town Louisville homes is going up: average, median, and square foot prices are on the rise, and have been for a while now. If you buy now, this means that your home will continue to increase in value, at least for the foreseeable future.

There are also currently 34 houses in the area that have been foreclosed or set up for auction, making this a good time to get in there and find a new home.

If you’d like to live in the country’s most livable city, you can’t do any better than Old Town Louisville.

I am a Denver/Boulder area real estate agent. For more information on Louisville’s real estate market, or homes in the greater Denver/Boulder area, please feel free to contact me.


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