Rock Creek Community in Superior: Real Estate Guide

Rock Creek Villages in Superior, CO

Superior’s Rock Creek Community offers the peaceful lifestyle of a Boulder County town surrounded by nature, with a location convenient to Denver & Boulder.

Located in scenic Superior, Colorado, Rock Creek is a master plan community that features almost 3,000 individual homes and countless outdoor recreation opportunities. Rock Creek was constructed next to the majestic Rocky Mountains in 1987, and in those 35 years has been the home to numerous happy families.

Rock Creek Community Overview

There are certainly a bevy of modern amenities in the Rock Creek community–including coffee shops, retail stores, grocers, and restaurants–but the neighborhood was constructed with a small town feel in mind. The master designers wanted to create a warm community reveling in the beauty of nature and cherishing physical exercise in the form of countless trails, parks, and open spaces.

But if you can only take the wilderness for so long, and you need to make sure you’re close to a bigger city, take heart: Rock Creek is located in Boulder County, just a short drive from both Denver and Boulder, where a myriad of cultural and technological delights await you.

Homes in the Rock Creek area of Superior are generally on the more luxurious side, but that doesn’t mean a family on a tight budget can’t find a suitable place to live. Apartments, condos, and townhouses, as well as small houses and million-dollar mansions, can be found within the beautiful borders of the Rock Creek community.

Market Trends of Rock Creek

Homes in Rock Creek aren’t exactly inexpensive, but they are a bit more affordable than other communities in the Boulder County region. The median sale price of a house in Rock Creek is currently $392,000. The median listing price for a house in this community is $430,000. That isn’t much of a difference–about $40,000–but it does show us that negotiations in Rock Creek home-buying are pretty similar to the rest of the state.

People have been flocking to Rock Creek, especially in recent months. According to studies, 88 homes in the neighborhood were sold in the last six months. That’s an incredible number of sales for such a small community. Currently, there are 95 real estate listings, and those are expected to be sold within the next six and a half months or so.

If you’re looking to buy a house in a beautiful, small town location that’s still close to the big cities, Rock Creek is your destination of choice.

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