Top 10 Reasons to Build or Buy an Energy-Efficient Home

Energy Efficient HomeSaving the environment is one thing, but did you know you can also save money by converting to an energy-efficient home? Read our top 10 reasons to go green.

By buying or building an energy- efficient home, you can reap scores of benefits. And most of them–are you paying attention?–have to do with saving you money. Generally speaking, switching to energy efficiency can save you thousands of dollars every single year.

But there are many other reasons to choose one of these progressive homes aside from money. Take a look below for the top ten reasons to buy or build an energy-efficient house.

Energy Efficiency Reason #1 | The Environment

The number one reason, of course, to build or buy an energy-efficient home is the preservation of our natural world. It has been estimated that no less than 16% of greenhouse gases come from houses–a number that can be drastically reduced through the creation of more energy-efficient homes.

Energy Efficiency Reason #2 | Tax Credits

No one likes spending a lot of money. But did you know that there’s a tax credit available for people who live in energy-efficient homes? You can save the environment and your money at the same time!

Energy Efficiency Reason #3 | Resale Value

These days, energy efficiency is what every new home buyer is looking for. By upgrading the design of your house, you can raise its value and be sure you’ll get a lot more back when, or if, you decide to sell.

Energy Efficiency Reason #4 | Low Ownership Cost

Speaking in general, it costs much less to maintain an energy-efficient home than an older, more environmentally-abusive one. If you like to save money wherever you can, think about making the investment in energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Reason #5 | Low Building Cost

Construction of energy-efficient homes is much less costly than the building of other structures. Materials are cheaper, plans are more simple, and fewer construction experts are required. Building with energy efficiency in mind is a great way to save money up front.

Energy Efficiency Reason #6 | Low Utility Cost

Heating, cooling, electricity, gas, and water–every one of these utilities can have their monthly bills reduced by upgrading your abode to an energy-efficient design. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars every year.

Energy Efficiency Reason #7 | Less Maintenance

Energy-efficient homes require much less upkeep than older structures. This means you won’t have to call in the handyman, the plumber, or the electrician nearly as often as you would otherwise, thus saving yourself a good deal of money.

Energy Efficiency Reason #8 | Mortgage Incentives

Some banks offer incentives on their mortgage rates for people who live in energy-efficient homes. This is just one of the many, many ways in which you can grow your savings by living in a more efficient home.

Energy Efficiency Reason #9 | Comfort

None of us are big fans of cold breezes, hot rooms, and encroaching moisture. Well, with an energy-efficient house, you can dismiss those things as pests of the past. These houses are simply far more comfortable than their predecessors.

Energy Efficiency Reason #10 | Peaceful

Aside from errant breezes and hot spots, an energy-efficient home also helps prevent those “settling” noises houses usually make. Creaks, groans, shrieks, and squeals may end up being things of the past with the introduction of energy efficiency…unless, of course, your house is haunted.

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