North Boulder: Real Estate Guide

North Boulder, Open SpaceGood schools, restaurants, shopping & a location tucked into the foothills make North Boulder a popular location for luxury homes and new families alike.

North Boulder, Colorado, is a gorgeous place where people from all walks of life can find their happiness. From rural areas of natural beauty to more urban locations full of shopping and cultural opportunities, North Boulder has something for everyone.

North Boulder Overview

North Boulder is divided into two different areas:

  • Old North Boulder
  • Rural North Boulder

Both neighborhoods boast excellent schools and fantastic prospects for outdoor and cultural activities.

Old North Boulder’s Columbine Elementary School as well as Rural North Boulder’s Crest View Elementary School and Centennial Middle School consistently receive the highest rating from parents and teachers. If you have children, this is an excellent place for them to find their education.

Aside from schooling, these North Boulder neighborhoods have plenty to offer in terms of cultural, artistic, culinary, and retail excitement. After all, Boulder is one of the state’s biggest cities and is full of enough activity to interest every resident.

Market Trends in North Boulder

The real estate statistics for both Rural and Old North Boulder are certainly interesting. The numbers found in the Rural area are a bit skewed from the sale of just 8 houses during the last quarter, several of which were luxury homes. The median sale price for a home in Rural North Boulder is $1,059,000, a gigantic 136.7% increase from the previous quarter. Obviously, this isn’t the most telling statistic.

A number that’s a bit easier to swallow is the average listing price for a home in the Rural North Boulder neighborhood: $772,000. It’s still a bit steep for some, but affordable in relation to the luxurious homes and properties available in the area.

The numbers for Old North Boulder are bit more palatable and predictable. The median sale price for a home during the last quarter was $600,000, up 30% from last year at this time. The average listing price is $735,000, which seems to say that there’s mobility in terms of negotiating prices with the homes for sale in this area.

Both Old North Boulder and Rural North Boulder offer plenty of houses of various styles and sizes. There’s something for every prospective home buyer in this beautiful city, if you’re willing to make the move.

Brian MacMillan is a Denver/Boulder area real estate agent. If you a looking to buy or sell a home in the region please contact him with any questions.


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