Superior’s Jefferson Parkway: Proposed Tollway

If you have strong opinions about the proposed tollway, Jefferson Parkway, that would connect Colo 128 with Colo 93, you might want to consider showing up at the Superior Town Hall tomorrow evening to voice your opinion.  Residents in Superior that back to, or are near, McCaslin Boulevard are not looking forward to a heavy increase in traffic based upon this article in Boulder’s Daily Camera.  In the coming years there will be a spike in traffic with the ConocoPhillips renewable energy campus going in right across from Superior, in Louisville.  Personally, I’d like to see a more efficient/safe route to Golden from the north.

When buying Superior real estate, or any real estate, make sure to do your homework so you’re not backing up to proposed roadways/tollways that could affect your future value.  Location, Location, Location….

Brian MacMillan

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