Top 10 Cities with Most Underwater Loans in America

One of the main benefits of the Denver/Boulder Real Estate Market is we don’t see large swings in either direction regarding values.  It is no coincidence that the areas which saw the largest upswings a few years ago now lead the country in having the most underwater loans, where the homeowner owes more on their mortgage than their property is worth, in America.

Here is the top 10 cities with the most underwater loans:

Las Vegas, Nevada 80.2%
Phoenix, Arizona 68.4%
Reno, Nevada 64.4%
Orlando, Florida 64.2%
Stockton, California 57.5%
El Centro, California 55.0%
Modesto, California 53.9%
Lakeland, Florida 53.7%
Port St. Lucie Florida 52.0%
Fort Myers, Florida 51.6%

Working with a savvy real estate professional can help educate you on current market conditions, or supply you a color coated map showing you the latest price appreciation/price depreciation numbers per geographical area (maps I offer in email or print form, just ask).

Brian MacMillan

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