Boulder CO: America’s Most Dog-Friendly City

Boulder is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the whole country. If you hate leaving your pooch at home, Boulder’s the place for you.

You can take your pup to the store, to work and even out to eat in Boulder.

Better yet, Boulder has some of the best dog parks around, and dozens of hiking trails that are dog friendly.

Here’s the final kicker for dog lovers everywhere: In Boulder, you can apply for a special off-leash tag for your dog so he can go with you anywhere without constraint (so long as he’s under voice and sight control).

Not convinced yet that Boulder is one of the most dog-friendly cities out there?

Here’s 6 Dog-Friendly Spots in Boulder

Dogs are great hiking companions. They keep a close ear out for danger, most can keep up with your pace with ease, and hiking overall is just great exercise and fun for both you and your pup.

So, Here’s Three Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

  • Chautauqua located south west of Boulder is a large open space mountain park with dozens of trails. Ninety percent of the trails are open to dogs and allow dogs with Voice and Site Control tags to explore off-leash.These trails are up in the foothills, so be sure to read the park’s dog safety page before heading out.It could take you years to fully explore all that Chautauqua park has to offer. The neighborhoods at the base of the park are some of the most luxurious in the city. So, if you’re looking into moving to Boulder and want to be in an area where you and your dog can explore the outdoors, you may want to learn more about available Chautauqua real estate.
  • Flatirons Vista and Doudy Draw Trailis right in the Flatirons. It’s just over 4 miles and takes about 3 hours to hike with your dog.These two adjoining trails are very easily accessible, and beauty they offer in spring and fall make them a very popular hiking destination for families. If you’re looking for a good place to take the kids and the pup, this is a great choice.If you’re looking to get away from the crowds though, you may want to check out:
  • The Mesa Trail. This trail is also very popular, but it has so many detours and loops, there’s plenty of space to get away from the crowds. For 4.7 miles, you can find springs, meadows, wildflowers, birds and butterflies on this trail.

After a long hike, you and your pup are both going to be hungry. Lucky for him, you probably have a bowl of food waiting at the car.

But you’ve likely already eaten all of your power bars and are ready for something more hardy at this point for yoursef.

So, here’s a few dog-friendly restaurants in Boulder that you and your pup can relax at after a long hike.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

  • Boulder Beer is one of Boulder’s finest microbreweries.They serve lunch and dinner along with their brews.Boulder Beer has a great patio for you and your dog to relax, eat and drink. And since we all know how important quality, craft beer is to those of us in Boulder, this may just be the best stop after a long hike.
  • Walnut Brewery takes it a little further. In addition to good eats and brews, Walnut Brewery also has live music on most evenings with dog-friendly seating.So if you’re really feeling like a relaxing evening after an afternoon hike, head here for some good music.
  • Glacier Homemade Ice Cream is good if you’re looking for a quick way to cool off. You can head here for ice cream or gelato, and bring your pup right inside. Your dog will even get a free cone!

Are You Ready to Bring Your Dog With You on All of Your Adventures…

…And even on day-to-day errands?

Boulder’s the place for you and your dog!

I’m a Boulder and Denver area real estate agent. Let me know if you’re ready to start looking at homes in Boulder. I can help you find the perfect place for you and your family.

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