The Coziest Neighborhood in Denver: Old South Pearl Street

Denver has many neighborhoods each with their own unique style, and Old South Pearl Street is no different.

Old South Pearl Street is one of Denver’s most charming historical districts in the city. It’s a great neighborhood for families, young singles and retirees alike.

What Does Old South Pearl Have to Offer?

Old South Pearl Street’s main attraction is its shopping district.

The neighborhood is surrounded by the main shopping length that hosts all local, one-of-a-kind stores. You won’t find a Super Walmart or a Starbucks here.

Instead you’ll find specialty stores owned and operated by your neighbors. You’ll find local coffee shops that do the absolute best they can to source fair-trade beans and maintain a sustainable store front.

You’ll find breakfast nooks and pizza joints and pet stores for your pups.

On Sunday mornings from 9am to 1pm, Old South Pearl Street hosts one of the largest farmers markets in Denver — which is saying something since there are farmers markets around Denver every day of the week!

Then on the first Friday of every month, you can treat yourself to the Old South Pearl Street Art Walk

Throughout the year, the neighborhood is also home to music festivals, community festivals and sidewalk art sales.

The Victorian houses that line the blocks surrounding the historical Old South Pearl Street neighborhood each hold their own charm and history. The majority of the homes were built in the early 1900s and have been kept up nicely since.

This neighborhood truly has something for everyone. And its beauty and sense of community makes it a unique area that you’re sure to fall in love with!

What about Old South Pearls’ Real Estate Market?

You may be convinced that the neighborhood is just what you’ve been looking for, but what about the real estate market here. It’s an important question for any potential homeowner.

Some numbers…

  • Median sale price from April to June 2012: $365,040
  • Sale price appreciation9.2% in the last five years
  • Average listing price for the beginning of July:$454,127
  • Average price per square foot:$308

All this boils down to the fact the median sale price of houses in the Old South Pearl Street neighborhood, which only spans about nine blocks, is 61.10% higher than the median sale price for Denver as a whole.

The market value of houses here has risen by 9.5% compared to last year, and sale prices have appreciated by 9.2% in the last five years.

If the market continues to improve in this neighborhood, you can rest assured that buying a house in the Old South Pearl Street neighborhood is a great investment.

Have I Sold You Yet?

If you’re ready to start looking at houses in the Old South Pearl Street neighborhood, let me know.

Otherwise, just get out there and start exploring. Check out the farmers market and art walk, and see if it’s the right vibe for you.

If it is, let’s start looking for your dream house!

If it’s not, no problem. I am a Denver and Boulder area real estate agent, so I know what’s going on with the market all over this area of Colorado.

If Old South Pearl Street doesn’t meet your goals, let me know what your goals are and I’ll find you your perfect neighborhood and house!

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