Englewood CO: Affordable Living in the Denver Metro Area

The city of Denver isn’t as big as it may seem. One of its attributes is that the metro area is actually composed of a handful of cities that blend in to the edges of Denver’s city limits.

For residents, that means that you can still live in the Denver metro area and take advantage of all it has to offer, while choosing to reside in a city with laws, taxes, schools and costs that best fit you and your family.

Englewood is one of these neighboring cities.

Why Buy a Home in Englewood?

Because, Englewood…

  • Has its own neighborhoods and communities to choose from beyond Denver
  • Is more affordable than the city of Denver
  • Has a low crime rate

Englewood borders Denver’s southern boundary, resting almost directly south of Lower Downtown (LoDo). This location is perfect to be able to hop downtown for work or shopping any time of week.

There are four main sections of Englewood:

  1. Northwest quadrant – the oldest section of the city
  2. Southwest quadrant – a newer section of homes in the city that rests along side Englewood’s industry and production facilities
  3. Hampden Hills – home to one of the largest collections of apartment complexes in the Denver metro area. This is the newest section of Englewood as well as the most expensive.
  4. Annexes – Englewood contains several annexed areas, including the northwestern annex that runs up to Evans Avenue within the city limits of Denver, and southeastern annex that runs to the Highline Canal and past Federal Boulevard.

No matter where you live in Englewood, you have access to all that Denver has to offer – shopping, farmers markets, great microbreweries, creative restaurants and everything in between – while paying an average of about $89,000 less for your home than if you were to buy within the Denver city limits.

Englewood CO Real Estate Overview

With a median household income of $38,943, Englewood offers more affordable homes than most areas of metro Denver.

The median sales price from April through June of this year was $222,250. This shows an increase of 14% compared to the prior quarter and 22.1% compared to last year.

In the last five years, sales prices in Englewood have appreciated 8.5%. All of these factors make Englewood a strong investment area.

Some numbers…

  • Average listing price in mid-July: $345,370
  • Average price per square foot: $191
  • Number of homes for sale: 207
  • Number of foreclosures: $275

Ready to Look Around Englewood?

As a Denver and Boulder area real estate agent, I can show you all around Englewood as well as any other neighborhoods or cities you are considering in the area.

Englewood is home to many affordable houses with big yards and garages, benefits you won’t see in similarly priced neighborhoods in Denver.

For a more comfortable area that is still close to downtown, check out Englewood.

Please let me know when you’re ready to start your search for a new home.

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